So...this is the hospital

5 years ago
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Once upon a time I blogged a lot about my tummy troubles. I have Crohn's Disease. It is a chronic disease. It is uncurable. I have it every single day of the year for over a decade. Mostly, it doesn't bother me much. Sure I am crampy and have daily what most people would feel like was stomach flu. I am on maintainance meds that are nasty but work.

But, I've been flaring for a while now. I've been debating ER and trying to get an appt with my regular GI doc for ... a while. Last week, I was put on prednisone. I loathe prednisone.  I counted down to the doctor. I went in on Monday. I was out very shortly after with instructions to head to the ER.

Since then I have had... a CT scan, a lot of meds, etc.

I need to confess something: because my crohn's has been fairly under control since moving here and I don't have a close relationship with my GI doc, I really don't see as much of her as I did my Florida one.

This means that I am now hospitalized for the first time in Illinois. I hate it.

1. It is a teaching hospital. Since checking in I have seen more than half a dozen doctors/residents/interns

2. These creatures really just repeat the same questions and then say things like "we are working as a team"'

3. They rarely introduce themselves.

4. They also aren't GI specialists so they say clueless things about Crohn's. I am sick. I don't want to educate them.

5. They are demanding a stool sample I can't seem to provide. Not nicely because they are young.

6. I have a bit of resident PTSD caused by a long horror story related to boy child.

7. I am at the nice hospital of the choices in the area. Maybe.

8. There are few worse places to be a lesbian than a hospital. Constant coming out party. Not fun. I sort of am consdering the Catholic hospital because they have sexual orientation protection written out, no doubt a lot of of education on kindness and policy...with no residents/med students/nursing students.

9. I realize all of this probably makes little sense because I am medicated and so pet peeves are giant.

10. Illustration of this: For whatever reason these rooms don't have white boards to say today is...your nurse is, your tech is. No bulletin board for pics of my kids or my family or just to jot a note. This bugs me. A lot.

The room is nice in a boring, tidy, fairly new way but there are no dim it is either completely dark or a bright light on or the bathroom door open with a fairly bright light. 

Another weird thing-they have online test results -- but those are frewalled when in the hospital. I will have to go home before I can actually open the lab results the doctor released by evidence of the email autosent when test results are released.

In any case: current plan as I understand it--meds, oxygen,k no food, no beverages, and a colonoscopy on Thursday. (and please don't tell me how easy colonoscopies are--I have had far more than most people will ever have.) It may be crohns, it may be a zebra, who knows. I just know that I hit my pain wall.