Sneaky Chat Test: The Vitamin Shoppe vs. Trusted Nutrients

4 years ago



Recently my weight loss has slowed down to a stall, and I had to ask myself, what am I doing wrong? One of my first thoughts was, “Maybe I should actually start following directions.” See, right on the bottle it says, “Take one capsule with a full glass of water one hour before breakfast and lunch.” Do I do that? Nope. That bottle is not the boss of me. I'm too busy to schedule my medicine.


I take one when I wake up, and then eat when I eat. I intend to take my second one to work with me but somehow always forget. Then I’m eating and stuffing food in mindlessly and if I’d only taken the second one and let it have a chance to work maybe I wouldn’t be so ravenous. What is this lack of routine doing to my diet? My sleep isn’t as good as it was two weeks ago. Why can’t I just follow the very simple directions?


I had to find a way to excuse my lack of responsibility, so I decided to do a little research. I went on The Vitamin Shoppe's website, picked a fake name, and had the following chat with "Ryan", who supposedly is a "Health Enthusiast".


you are now chatting with Ryan.

Katie: How important is it to take Garcinia Cambogia an hour before meals? It's hard to time it correctly, can't I just take it whenever I remember?

Ryan: Hello!

Ryan: Yes, it's meant to be taken 30-60 minutes before meal, it will be most effective in that manner.

Katie: What's a "health enthusiast"?

Katie: LOL.

Katie: Have you ever taken it?

Ryan: An individual who is enthusiast about health!

Ryan: I have not.

Ryan: I'm not dieting. I prefer the caffeinated fat burners though.

Katie: Why?

Ryan: I like the energy, and feel that they work well paired with diet and exercise.

Katie: How much caffeine is in them? Compared to a cup of coffee, I mean.

Ryan: They usually have about 100mg caffeine (medium cup of coffee) per capsule.

Katie: And what's the recommended dosage for those?

Ryan: Generally 2-3 capsules daily depending on the product.

Katie: Ah...Ok. I always heard it's best to avoid supplements with caffeine in them. Isn't it better to just stick with things that aren't stimulants? I mean, caffeine is addictive, right?

Ryan: Yes, there's no reason to take stimulants, caffeine happens to be a powerful thermogenic though. (I'm addicted!!!)

Ryan: Garcinia Cambogia is a very popular stimulant free fat burner though.

Katie: What's a thermogenic?

Ryan: A thermogenic is something that speeds up the metabolism.


Katie: Ok, thanks for your help Ryan!


So Ryan wasn't going to cut me any slack on the pill taking. By the way, the word "thermogenic" means to produce heat. The term has been coined by the supplement industry to mean increase metabolic rate. I was disturbed that he recommended caffeinated fat burners to me, I am not interested in anything that can lead to me being dependent on the product. That is why I chose Trusted Nutrients in the first place.


Then I headed to the Trusted Nutrients website to see if they could help me excuse my lack of responsibility.  Victor, a certified sports nutritionist, was there to help me.


Me:  I know you're supposed to take Garcinia Cambogia an hour before meals. It is really hard to time the doses correctly. Can't I just take them whenever I remember?


Victor:  Well, yeah. You are free to take them whenever you would like, but they work better when you take them 30-45 minutes before a meal. That way your supplement will kick in before you actually eat, so when you do actually eat you will feel less hungry. That's why it's better to take them as recommended on the bottle, but you are free to take them however you would like to :)


Me:  I was just chatting with a rep at Vitamin Shoppe and he says he thinks caffeinated fat burners are better than G.C. What do you think?


Victor:  Well, to be honest, competitors sometimes decide to add caffeine to their products, but it is not really necessary. In our belief, any product that is 100% natural caffeine free is better for our bodies, and there are a lot of clients that just hate the fact that a product has caffeine. We get emails from clients worried that they might not be able to sleep if caffeine is part of the ingredients. We as a company try to make the cleanest possible weight loss supplement.


Me: So, are you formulating what you think is best, or what your clients tell you they want?


Victor:  First off, as a company we are manufacturing what we think is the best possible supplement. Of course we did enormous research on what possible customers would like in their supplements, so it goes hand in hand.


Me:  Have you ever taken any of the supplements yourself?


Victor:  Yes, I currently take the men's multivitamins. I'm a slim person already, so there isn't much weight to lose. A few guys in the office are taking Garcinia to help them curb their appetite, especially those late night snack attacks.


Me:  Ok, I'll let you go, thanks Victor!


I'm kind of in love with Victor. I love that he took the time to explain in a way I could understand the exact answer to my question. If I don't take my supplement far enough ahead of the time I sit down to eat, I won't get the appetite suppressing benefits when I need them the most. Ok, the bottle can be the boss. Just this once.













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