Selfies to Live By: 8 Qualities to Step Up Your Game

3 years ago

The phenomenon of taking your own picture produced 16 billion Selfies on social media.  Females 18-24 make up 75% of Selfies shared on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.  Women over 65 like Selfies too.  When asked, women stated they like Selfies because it makes them feel cute.  Critics say people who constantly share Selfies are obnoxious and narcissistic.  I say live and let live!  If you enjoy taking Selfies - do you!  My hope is that young women, especially girls, don’t get lost in the world of fake reality.  It is important for young girls and women to see themselves through clear lenses. 

“If you want to see yourself more clearly, look inward.”  The FLY Coach

Have you ever stared at yourself in the mirror, without looking away, for at least two minutes?  It’s called soul gazing.  Try it the next time you are in front of a mirror.  Notice how you feel?  How long were you able to stare into your eyes before looking away?  What emotions surfaced?  Was it uncomfortable? If so, keep doing it until you become comfortable with being uncomfortable.  The image looking back at you is your true selfie.  Here are eight qualities to step up your selfie game:

  • Self-forgivenessGive yourself permission to forgive yourself for everything.  Especially all your mistakes; every time you disappointed yourself or someone else; your poor choices, wrong turns, and for paying more attention to your faults rather than being grateful for your gifts.
  • Self-acceptanceOpen your arms wide and embrace yourself for who you are.  Accept yourself, unconditionally.  No questions asked.  Let go of your limiting beliefs.  Embrace your uniqueness.  Use your failures as a stepping-stone to be your best self.  Celebrate your imperfections – they make you an original design.
  • Self-loveLove yourself unconditionally.  Learning to love yourself is one of the best gifts you will ever receive in life.  Love is a verb and requires action.  To love yourself is to treat your mind, body and soul with tender loving care.  Loving yourself opens your heart to receive love from others.  Why wouldn’t you love yourself?  You are awesome and were created that way on purpose.
  • Self-careTreat yourself like the gem you are.  The mind, body and soul are a team; they represent you as a whole person.  When one of them is sick, the whole team gets sick.  If you want to live in good health, you must do the work required.  Being physically attractive is not self-care.  Self-care is feeding your mind, body and soul with the nutrition it needs to thrive.
  • Self-worthValue your worth as a woman.  Your value is unconditional.  It is not based on merit.  You are valuable because you are alive.  You are valuable because God said so.  You are a goddess.  Not in the vain sense, but because you are adored by God.  Your self-worth is immeasurable.  No explanation needed or required!
  • Self-confidence Create and live the life you desire!  Know that you can accomplish whatever you put your mind to.  Have a positive attitude and believe in yourself.  Be your biggest fan and cheerleader.  Be invigorated and empowered by your self-confidence.  Let it always adorn you!
  • Self-ImageHave a positive self-image.  Your self-image reflects who you are and how you show up in life.  It’s not just about how others see you; it’s about how you see yourself. How you see yourself does not begin and end with your physical appearance.  Your self-image is what you believe about yourself.  Your beliefs and perceptions become your truth.
  • Self-respect Respect yourself, because you deserve to be respected.  Self-respect, or the lack thereof, sends a message to others about how you want to be treated.  When you respect yourself, others will follow your lead.   Being treated with respect should be unconditional.  However, if you don’t respect yourself – why should it be a priority for someone else?


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