Savvy Living: How to Drink and Not Get Fat

5 years ago

How to drink and not get fat is a lot easier than you think.  In fact, the answer is so simple, you'll wonder why you haven't thought it before:  Don't drink so much. Ok, don't get mad.  I'm actually serious.  Researchers have discovered that unless one is blessed with Herculean powers of resistance, we mortals will eat and drink whatever is placed in front of us.  Which means, if you enjoy drinking and are at a party, dinner, or any occasion in which your glass is being refilled (even if YOU are the one refilling it), you're bound to drink more than you intend, taking in a lot of calories and throwing away a lot of dollars along the way.

The recommended daily allowance of alcohol for women is no more than 2 units a day. Ok, fine, but what is a unit?  12 oz of beer or a 5 oz glass of wine.  The beer part we're fine with, but 5 OZ OF WINE?!  So tiny! WAH!  Take a good look at the photo at the link, our friends' glasses have about 5 oz of wine in them.  Isn't that sad?  If that portion size is a surprise to you, read on for tips on keeping your wino ways in check.

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