Right Now Health, Wellness, Fitness (part 1 of healing addiction)

4 years ago

Look anywhere, people want to be fit, have wellness, improve health.

Think: when's the last time you blogher searched a workout plan, a recipe, a new exercise, or even promised yourself you'd begin to exercise...tomorrow.

Having been:

  • on and off diets for the better part of 3 decades
  • addicted to a bulimic lifestyle...(binge, purge, hide over and over and over again)
  • battling with self - condemnation for what seems like always

I wanna offer something:

Health? is now.


Because it is an asset we already possess.


In our self concept.

It's so vastly simple that a huge part of us wants to resist that reality.

And depending on where this post finds you,

  • maybe you're carrying around lots of extra weight.
  • maybe you're hungover and promising yourself today begins no more booze.
  • maybe you've woken up with the intense guilt of having binged and purged yet again and you know you want today now to be the day it all stops.
  • maybe you've just eaten to comfort yourself and you're mad at yourself that you ate so much.

Well right there?

Amidst all the derogatory self hatred and condemning?

In the midst of that very second, you can choose to love yourself enough to commit to changing.

In the midst of that regret, you can pause and get a glimpse of what does have power and what is able to control your footsteps.

But we don't.

We let self condemnation become a habit.

We let ourselves believe we lose control.

Much of the diet and wellness industry is based on how to react to the choices you make out of fear instead of offering how you can heal fear and not react to it to begin with.

But at least it's a start.

Yet no diet and no exercise program mattered squat to me til I figured out how to heal the constant inner demon of fear.

Here's what I think: very few of us are happy with our health and how we look and our health choices.

Even the most fit.

And no diet, no health regime eventually gave me what I needed to be free of an addictive self harming lifestyle.

What did then?

Well several things actually. But all of which begin in thought.

How can it be that simple, you may ask?

Well, here it goes:

1. We are each the expression of what we are thinking

2. And we are each living what we believe has power.

Sit with that a few seconds.

I can over a series of posts what led me to heal lots of my addictions: overeating, binge boozing, comfort eating, bulimia, constant non committal to much whether people, jobs, areas I've lived in.

I can over a series of posts map out a strategy so that you too can begin to manage your thinking and not let the inner buggers motivate you to commit either unconscious or conscious acts that are derogatory toward your wellbeing.

But the total beginning?

The total truth?

It wasn't until I healed how I chose to react to fear--whether guised as guilt, emptiness, feeling invisible, feeling rejected, feeling unwanted and unnecessary, that I learned how to stop the addictive behaviors.

So why am I sharing this with you?

Well, I want to offer an ounce of hope.

Wherever this finds you:  right now, where you are, you can hug the possibility that right within your thinking is where change can and must begin.

Right within that thought of yours.


Well that will depend on how willing you are to really discipline and yes I mean discipline thought.

How willing are you to coach your thought and let yourself steer it away from the derogatory and negative self babble?

How willing are you to give yourself permission to pitch unhealthy ways of thinking about yourself and your life? and your circumstance?


If there's anything I'm convinced of its this: every choice we make we can rethink. No addiction is uncontrollable, no matter how it is severe.

But you must ask yourself if you want to change.

And you must ask yourself if you want to change this second.

And then you must ask yourself if you're willing to forgive all the hell from even 20 minutes ago.

Are you willing to begin now, this second, with loving yourself enough to make a right now choice that can support your life this second?

Second by second.

Hour by hour.

Thought by thought.

You can exude the health you already have

And begin to express the consciousness, wisdom, courage, and calm that is willing to look at that choice and say yay or nay.

And more?

You are not alone in making any choice.

The Mind that bases our being is steering every single honest pure loving just and principled choice.

Therein lies the awesome:

We're never alone.

Not in the wee hours in the liquor cabinet.

Not in the wee hours in the pantry binging on chocolate covered whatever to drown out fear.

Not in the daytime hours of feeling obligated to keep on working instead of take a lunch break walk.

Not in the hours and hours of comfort eating, silent numbing or however else we feel when we binge.

See? My life is proof that binging is fear based and living love is courage based.

Big difference.

Transforming actually.

Kay. So, wherever this finds you.

This is not a hook. This is not a dangle. This is not a pitch.

This is me speaking from my heart offering that healing of any addiction is possible beginning right this moment now.

And over the next several weeks I'll share my why and how.

Probably gonna call this series #healing_addiction on twitter and the like.

See how honest I am?

I dont see the whole plan mapped out.

But I do know I help folks heal addiction and I do know I've healed mine (several) and so I'm here rolling up sleeves thinking out loud and responding to what I sense all the time: many of us are so done feeling and being and living lives of addiction.

So here we go. Rolling up sleeves to stand in oneness and exude courage and heal all the inner demons pulling us to commit acts that we'd never otherwise do.

With all my love and hope and knowing healing is possible and health is now for you,


Tre ;)

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Offer: if you resonate with the above and you want to heal addiction in whatever form or you simply want to have a more proactive thought based approach to your health and wellness, I welcome your contacting me.

For now, pivotal to my own healing has been the ideas in Science and Health, a book all about practical spirituality and thought based living and wellness.

"Innocence and Truth overcome guilt and error." (Mary Baker Eddy)

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