There is a song out on the radio about “Get up and keep trying….” I simply love that song….for I think it simply embraces most people and their lives…..Most people if they live long enough get knocked down….and the longer we live it can happen more than once….That is life….If you are out there pursuing any kind of meaningful life you may meet up with things that can simply knock you down along the way…..both expected and unexpected….

I do think some things that knock people down could have been avoided if they had been paying attention….at least paying attention to what life was trying to tell them….Most often people don’t listen or notice the Warning Signs that life is throwing at them beforehand…..But not all things that knock people down are really all that preventable…..Some Simply aren’t….One of those “Blind Sided “type of things sometimes can happen…

When things happen that one has no real way of predicting…..all one can do is take it one step at a time to get through it…..If you are alive and breathing you have a chance to get back up and keep trying….no matter how bad it seems at the moment…….When life’s unfortunate surprises happen it is simply best to give one’s self the time needed to assimilate what happened….Sometimes people are simply “numb” or in “shock” and really need time to let that aspect of their selves heal first before trying to make any major decisions…..

The key is as soon as possible….when it is wise to do so….it is best to get back up and Try Try Again…..Life does not stop after a “knock down….” It simply keeps on going….We can keep on going with life or we can give up….but giving up does not seem like a  good alternative to me at all….

Some people seem to have had one knock down after the other and it has seemed endless…..I applaud those people that keep getting back up time after time and doing all they can to put back together the pieces as well as pursue their best life…..So many simply lay there….but the few who do get back up seem to be the ones I put in the category called “Resilient…”  Resilient is the person who keeps getting back up time and time again…..These are the people we see ultimately succeed….Wasn’t it Thomas Edison who said something like “I didn’t fail at my inventions….I just found 10,000 ways that did not work before I got it right….”…I may not have gotten the quote perfect, but I am sure you understand what I am trying to say…..

GET BACK UP AND TRY……Try over and over if you have to till you get it right……When you are headed in the right direction of life the road of life can have bumps, twists, turns, chuckholes, and even a few ditches…..but the key to arriving where you want to go is to Get Back On The Road of Life……towards your Destination…

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