Reflections Upon Receiving "Cleavage Clips" for Christmas....from my Mother

5 years ago

O squee! O glee!
A contraption I'd never known of
from wonderous Meez Janis
whose unique selection -- at least these--
leaves me feeling...umm...well, surely not bliss...


They call them "Cleavage Clips"
and lest you wonder
they’re made to lift boobs with lightness and bounce
rather than, goodness me, let one's sag and plunder.

Shocked and confused doesn't capture
the angst I felt when opening this thing...
for when the heck have I ever cared
one iota whether my boobs sag or swing?

Ahh. but mommalove tends to meddle
in those things of my appearance
Indeed she was raised to primp and adorn
remember her they always do even if they've only had just one glance.
(she is that stunning).

However will I show and tell her
that I learned long ago
It's not the size of my boobs that matters to me...
Its what thought embodies that gives me all the glow?

Indeed my sense of grace, poise, strength and tenderness
are essences I hold near and dear
and exude with everlasting endurance....

Or so I strive...

And while these "Cleavage Clips"
may help a bra
to push and hold and lift...
Tis not my natural inclining to focus on my physique
but rather -- all I embody --
that proves the lasting gift.

My boobs will just have to bounce and sag
as I never will agree
to using "Cleavage Clips" to hold them up
I'm soooooo much more than a body, can't you see?

For I am certain that true womanhood
spans much more deep and broader still
than the maintanance of body image
which find many doing things against their will.

Let's ponder this the possibility
of all embracing grace and strength and honesty...
as qualities worth exuding no matter what
exemplifying pure womanhood's integrity!!!!

And so I'll look beyond the package
for her deep genuine love that wrapped them so
and hope for growth between mom and me
It's my heart I so yearn she'd seek to really know.... (and hold and lift and...yeah) :)




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