Raspberry Ketone, does it really work? I am going to find out!

5 years ago

My head is spinning from watching Dr Oz! Can Raspberry Ketone supplements really help me lose those extra pounds that I can’t seem to leave behind? 

Oh, they are on my backside! 

Are you confused about what to eat, which supplements to take or do you really need to be taking supplements. And is coconut oil really good for you?  Well I am confused, and after watching the Dr. Oz show I have decided to try out some of Dr Oz’s recommendations and figure out what works for me. 

I have been working on this post for a couple of days and after reading Virgina’s post“Raw Menopausal Truths and the Indignities of Getting Old!” on her blog HomeRearedChef it sounds like many of us are facing the same challenges. 

Here is the first in my series on “Dr Oz and what works for me”.  Not a very clever title but I am still working on it. Any suggestions Sunbonnet?

To begin: 

I prefer to jog, ok more like a fast walk, outside and enjoy Mother Nature, however when the temperature drops I head down to the Gym for my daily exercise. The facility in which the gym is located has television screens throughout for our viewing pleasure and to distract us from boredom. 

Depending on the location of the exercise equipment that you are utilizing you can catch-up via CNN, Fox news, ESPN, ABC and other assorted channels. 

 When I use the treadmill and rowing machine I head upstairs where ABC is tuned in on the television near the equipment.  During my morning workouts I watch Live with Kelly; fun lighthearted entertainment that gets me through the workout. A couple of weeks ago I found myself on the treadmill, walking to nowhere, in the late afternoon just in time for the Dr Oz Show.

I was familiar with Dr Oz from his days on Oprah, however I had not watched his show yet. On February 6, 2012 the topic of discussion was “5 Fat Busters for 5 Body Types”, I thought; this should be interesting. As Dr Oz presented the “Fat Busters” I found myself getting hungry as I watched the presentation of each meal that would target “problem areas”, never a good thing to watch a food segment when exercising. Oh well I did find the information interesting, however what really caught my attention was the segment on  Raspberry Ketone presented by Lisa Lynn and Dr Oz.  

This is the first time Dr Oz has spoken about Raspberry Ketone and the benefits of the supplement. Here’s what I learned: 

First and most importantly this is a supplement to help your body get a jump start on reducing the fat cells in your body. Dr Oz and Lisa Lynn do not recommend this as a long term solution to lose weight but just to kick -start the process. 

I was very curious and decided to conduct my own research; here is what I found:

From www.raspberry-ketone.org:

“With raspberry ketone the side effects are lessened due to the fact that is it naturally derived from the raspberry plant. It works as a weight loss aid as it increases your metabolism as well as helps your body to block the absorption of fat-creating foods.”

As quoted on Raspberry-ketone.org “Antioxidants are molecules that remove free radicals from the body, which slow down the body’s metabolism and other internal processes. In other words, antioxidants boost the body’s immune system.”

I have always relied on exercise and making healthy choices regarding my diet to maintain my weight and health.  But alas I am at the age where my hormones are doing the quick step, sometimes the back step and what has worked in the past is not really working now.

Not one who believes in “fast fixes” I was hesitant to place my order for Raspberry Ketone. I continued to surf the web for information and after I concluded my research I decided to rattle my hormones, so I went on line and ordered Raspberry Ketone, which I have been taking for a week.

Here are my results after 5 days of taking one 200mg tablet each morning; increase in energy, feeling of fullness so I am eating less and really thirsty.

I already drink 6 to 8 glasses of water a day but I had to increase my water consumption and I am continuing my current exercise program; walk, row or do Yoga 6 days a week. No major change in my diet, just trying a few new recipes.

Drum roll please… lost .5 pounds, that’s correct not 5 lbs but ½ a pound. Hmmmm I will take that.

I will provide another update on my Raspberry Ketone experiment next Monday so stay tuned….

Here are several websites providing more in-depth information on the hormone Adiponectin , WebMD  and www.vredefoundation.com.

Have you tried Raspberry Ketone? If so what are your findings/results? Will you try it?

Cheers! Kary

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