Rachel Knows... Nutra Nail Gel Perfect Nail Activator is Just Super Glue!!!! What?!

5 years ago


     I was browsing different blogs after I'd seen something on Pinterest about using the Gel Activator from the Nutra Nail Gel Perfect kit with regular nail polish and top coat. I was looking at this because the "nail polish" that came with the kit was just no count. The person blogging mentioned casually how the Gel Activator smelled like Super Glue. I was VERY overwhelmed with the smell when I was using the activator on my mother's nails. Something made me wonder what the Gel Activator was actually made of when I read about someone else mentioning the strong smell. I went to the Nutra Nail website and found the ingredients for the Gel Activator. 

Here are the ingredients for the Gel Activator: 
Ethyl Cyanoacrylate, 
Polymethyl Methacrylate
Here are the ingredients for Super Glue:
Poly (Methyl Methacrylate)
     Oh that's strange... It's the exact same freaking ingredients!!!!! I was honestly shocked. It is literally made out of the exact same ingredients as Super Glue, just with some extra scary sounding ingredients (I didn't list the extra ingredients up there) thrown in as well. I'm assuming those extra ingredients are to thin it out some, but what do I know. I mean how can a company get away with something like that? I feel horrible thinking that I was slathering Super Glue all over my mother's nails and accidentally getting it on her skin. She wore it for about a week too. She shouldn't have even worn it for that week, because they were chipped and horrible looking the very next day. How many women, if they were asked if they'd like to rub Super Glue all over their nails for their nail polish to last a little bit longer, would really say, "Oh yeah! That sounds like a really, healthy, good idea!”? I don't think there would be very many. I really think this should be a much more widely known fact. There would be no way in heck that I would have wasted a dime on a product that had me polishing my nails or a loved one's nails with freaking Super Glue!!!! I'm a tad bit incensed! Can you only be a tad bit incensed? Ha-ha! 
     I don't know much about how products are approved or deemed healthy, but it really seems like someone either dropped the ball or that there needs to be some sort of government health agency created to actually control some of the crap these beauty companies come out with. I mean even if we aren't exactly ingesting the products like we do with lip products; our skin is a living organ that soaks up whatever we put on it. Okay. I probably am sounding really stupid right now because I don't know anything about all that goes into making and approving a beauty product and I'm probably even wrong about how our bodies work, but it just doesn't seem right that any company can put out something like Nutra Nails has. So if you aren't catching my drift, don't buy this crap! Don't put this stuff on any part of your body! Don't inhale the Gel Activator because it is very strong smelling and it literally made my nose burn. I thought I was just being my normal, old, hypersensitive self, but I wasn't. This stuff should be taken off the market because A) It just can't be healthy in any way, shape or form and B) It is a crappy product that doesn't even last half the time of normal nail polish. Okay. I think I'm done with my rant. 

Here is the link to the Nutra Nails ingredient information:

Here is the link to the Material Safety Data Sheet of Super Glue: https://supergluemsds.com/Docs/Super%20Glue%20-%20Rev%2011%20-%202010.p…

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