Rachel Knows... Low Calorie Mocha Frappes!

5 years ago
This will probably be the last "cooking" tutorial that I will be doing because frankly the mini pizzas and this mocha frappe are all I have in my repertoire. Ha-ha! I am in the slow, slow, slow, did I mention slow, process of losing weight. Being lazy and hating cooking leads to one, easy solution: fast food. Fast food leads to fast fat. From the time I was 12, until the time I was 22, I weighed 106 pounds. Never a pound more, never a pound less. My metabolism came to a huge grinding halt when I turned 22. (I'm 26 now) Long story short, I gained 50 pounds. 50 FRIGGIN' POUNDS! I lost 32 of the 50 pounds, but I recently gained 13 back. I'm hanging my head in shame over here, as I drive to Taco Bell. Yes, I started eating fast food again. I just can't quit you Taco Bell and Sonic. One thing that contributed to my weight gain to start with was my love of McDonalds' Mocha Frappes. Those things were glorious to me. When my fiancé and I moved into our apartment, McDonalds was 3 minutes up the road. I was going there to get a Large Mocha Frappe, three times a day. I'm ashamed now, but at the time, oh my was I happy. A large Mocha Frappe has 680 calories in it. That is more than half of my daily caloric intake! That's 2040 calories in the Mocha Frappes alone, not to mention all of the other crap I was eating. No wonder I got so fat! Also, I'm not sure if the McDonalds' Frappes have caffeine in them or not. I don't drink caffeine. They aggravate my panic and anxiety attacks, but that is a whole different issue. I don't even like coffee. I don't like it at all, so it is really weird I'm so addicted to this drink. I needed to find a way to take care of my craving while not consuming so many calories and not drinking the caffeine. I Googled and Googled. I finally stumbled across this recipe on Good Housekeeping. I double the recipe because I'm gluttonous. I figure 250 calories is better than 680. Let me say it one more time, because I think this is the 800th time I've said it already, but I am lazy, so of course I adapted this recipe to fit around my laziness. I don't drink coffee and the easiest way for me is to make up a batch of instant coffee that takes around 30 seconds and refrigerate that until I need it. I don't even use hot water, the cold water works just fine. I don't see the point of using hot coffee in an iced drink.
Mocha Frappe
·Fat Free Milk
·Hershey's Syrup
·Instant Coffee
·Whipped Cream
·Ice Cubes
1.      Follow the directions on the instant coffee to make 18 oz. of coffee. Using the Maxwell House Instant Decaf, that comes out to 1 tablespoon of instant coffee in the 18 oz. of water. I just cover it up and put it in the refrigerator when I'm done until I need it for the next batch. (This is a step you will only have to do every several days.)
2.      Add 2/3 a cup of coffee to your blender.
3.      Add 2/3 a cup of milk to your blender
4.      Add 2 tablespoons of Hershey's Syrup to your blender.
5.      Add 2 tablespoons of sugar to your blender. (This is more than the Good Housekeeping recipe calls for, but I have an extreme sweet tooth. You can certainly add less, which is the healthier way to go.)
6.      I add 7 ice cubes. I don't like it to be liquidy at all. You can play around with the amount of ice cubes to find your perfect consistency.
7.      Blend and Voila!
I like to add a little decorative swirl of Hershey's syrup and a mound of whipped cream. All totally optional, but it makes it more fun. Grab your straw and get to gettin'!
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