4 years ago

One of my goals for the month was to get rid of all the stuff in boxes in our bedroom.  It's all stuff that can be garage saled, but our house is too small to host a sale and it's far too wintery to have one outside.

Earlier in the week, I said outloud to the universe, "Maybe someone we know will have one at the community center this weekend and we can join in".  Well, guess what happened.  Someone we semi-know is having one.  It was like I stepped in the path of the gods, made a request, and they made it happen. (or maybe it was going to happen anyway, but I figure when something you request happens, it could be something you should take advantage of)

So I called to ask, but I didn't call right away and I didn't call later after she didn't return my message.

If the gods are placing something in my path, I rather feel like I should jump.  But I don't really feel like jumping.  My husband is on board and up for helping to price things tonight and haul things over and it would be SO good to be rid of things, but I'm also feeling so behind.

My husband's birthday is tomorrow and the kids and I have some cake decorating planned, but we still have to bake the cakes tonight.  I...hmmm....I just looked at my to-do list for the day and I actually got a good number of things done. 

There are some projects I want to do tomorrow, however, like bake dog biscuits with the kids to pass around to friends, but those aren't a huge priority.  Yet, they'd like to take some to give to grandma's dogs when we travel.  And I'd like to work some on my class before we fly out.  I don't have to, but I'd love having it done.  It was another November goal.  And just general cleaning and packing and lounging about before a birthday dinner evening and travels the following morning would be nice.

The beginning of the year, daily exercise took precedent.  I haven't exercised at all this week.   I'm semi finding a balance of getting things done and exercise was a part of my weekly life.  I didn't even put it as one of my November goals!  And, while I'm not exercising this week, I don't think I'm in danger of regressing.  I've just needed to recoup health wise.

So...November goals....Get more things done on my list before flying out on Sunday and have a more relaxing Saturday doing those things with family OR try to connect with the garage sale person and haul out all that cluttered crap and be done with it?

Usually I'd opt to do it all, but this week I'm appreciating a mellower rhythm to my day as I slowly get back to a healthier state.

I really am torn and no clue what I will decide.


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