Preparing to Be Caught Unaware

4 years ago

Last Friday I wrote about my sick little boy.  After he fell asleep for his nap, I went downstairs and began cleaning.  I didn't clean because I wanted to, but because I had this sneaking suspicion that my kiddo might take a turn for the worse and I'd have to call a neighbor over to watch my daughter while I took him to the hospital.

When I was a kid, a big brush fire broke out in the hills behind our house.  I ran into my room to get my favorite things in preparation to evacuate.  My room was its typical glorious mess with almost no free carpet space.  I'd never had an issue with my room before though my mom obviously had because I recall many times I was stuck in my room till it was all cleaned up.  This time, however, the mess wan't glorious.  It was overwhelming.  I was feeling scared and a bit panicked and I couldn't find anything.  Not only could I not find anything, I didn't really know what there was.  It was an icky feeling and it became the driving reason that I started picking up my room - in preparation for something unexpected.

All sorts of unexpected things happen all the time and so many times I am unprepared.  Kids vomit in the middle of the night and it gets over everything that wasn't picked up and put away like it could have been.  That can make for a lot of laundry filled with bedding, stuffed animals, clothes and blankets and I always want to kick myself for not having the foresight to clean things up ahead of time.

Washing machines flood and again I kick myself for leaving the floor covered in dirty laundry and toys.  It's so much easier to clean up a mess if the extra things are already picked up.

I do clean up the bathroom before the kids take a bath.  I do clean up the kitchen before I cook.  I do keep some emergency stuff in the car before I drive and I always try to have my snowpants and boots with me in case our car breaks down (which it did last week).

But it seems like the timing of these unplanned things never really coincides well with when I'm ready for them to happen.  Last Friday I tried to prepare.  Our house looked good (well, not upstairs, but downstairs was pretty okay).  And then my little boy stayed sick, but not too sick so I probably could have postponed that cleaning up, though it was nice to have things a bit spiffier.

Saturday, however, he did take a turn for the worse.  It's amazing how fast it progresses and between one and four in the afternoon he went from a boy with congestion to a kid who couldn't breathe easily at all.  He was out of breath talking and I was busy watching his nose for nasal flaring or his chest for retractions - all signs of a system not getting enough air.  It's always a hard call knowing when a sickness is too sick and when you should really take action.  

This time, we actually were prepared.  We had the humidifier going.  We had the inhalers.  We had the ibuprofen.  We had our medicines on hand and things to do, but it was still pretty hairy for a few hours while we waited to see if the prednisilone would kick in.  It did. That night was also scary because his breathing was so shallow and I was up every couple of hours using the nebulizer and checking his respiration.   If he had gotten worse we would have gone into the ER, but we were able to catch it  and prevent all that stress of bundling him up in the minus twenty weather and spending hours in a hospital for the same treatments we were doing at home.  

We did go to our pediatrician yesterday for a well-timed Well Child check and got the thumbs up for the decisions we made over the weekend (because of course kids sesm to get the sickest over the weekend) and came up with a new and revised plan for future episodes.  The doctor thinks we probably all had RSV this past week.

RSV is a nasty little virus that seems to makes its rounds yearly right around this time.  It's an annoying cold in children and adults, but a dangerous virus in infants.  My son developed pneumonia in the past when he had RSV the first time.  And the second time.  This is the third time?

But now my boy is just a regular sick with a wonderfully normal stuffy nose, loose cough, and crummy feeling kind of sick that will eventually pass.  

The other good news is that our downstairs still looks pretty good.  Our upstairs is a whole different story, but as long as we have no unplanned vomitting in the next day or two, we'll probably be okay with the mess as it is.

And what does this have to do with my health and losing weight?  Well, obviously my kids are far more important that my counting calories or exercising or clean living room, but it makes me wonder about the things that I can prepare for so that I'm not caught unaware and that does mean my own health.

I have flaked royally the last week.  When I stopped going to the gym I stopped remembering that I should still monitor what I eat.  When I felt crummy I sought chemical changes in my head from tasty foods in the kitchen.  I didn't bake, but that was only because I felt too crummy (and was coughing too much to think anybody would want to eat something I'd made).

I did so well last year getting healthier.  This year I want to continue, but the "emergencyness" of it is gone.  Yet, it's not because I'm still carrying around extra weight and unhealthy habits that make it harder to tackle the viruses and illnesses that come my way.  I want to be around my kids and not just around, but around and fit and full of energy and I want this for years to come.

I've been super better about taking my multi-vitamin and vitamin D and flax seed, but I've been flaking on the exercise and healthy sized foods.

I did not go to the gym this morning because the sleep was definitely more important so I wrote on my to-do list to exercise at home.  I haven't done it yet.  Instead I cleaned the toilet.  Really - cleaning the toilet is easier and more fun than putting in that dang DVD?  I also got a couple loads of laundry done and a whole bunch of grading.

So, once my kids fall asleep I will either go downstairs and procrastinate some more or do the thing that will make me feel proud of myself and moving in the right direction.  I sure hope I do that dang video, but why in the heck is it always so hard!

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