Pay it Forward- How I Motivate 2 People To Live Healthier Lives


Many people taught me about the importance of exercising and eating right.  My Physical Ed. Teachers hit me over the head with it, Basketball coaches pushed me to the limit physically and my Doctor lectured me about the importance of eating right every single time I set foot in his office (which I dreaded).   It was a message that was loud, clear and repetitious my whole life.

Many people ignore the message and/or lack the motivation to live healthy lives for all sorts of reasons. They always have some excuse when it comes to exercise, “I can’t right now, I have to organize my underwear/shoe closet/book collection. etc”  My all-time favorite is the 75 year old Retiree that  says he doesn’t have time in his schedule to exercise. Left face it, these excuses are laughable.

On the other end of the spectrum are the motivators.  They push people to work harder at the gym, look fantastic and talk at length about health and fitness.  For these health and fitness Gods, it’s not a hobby; It’s a lifestyle. 

A great deal of value is added to your life through good health and fitness and you want to share this with others. After a year of training hard and years of eating well, I have transitioned into the motivator role.  If good health and fitness are important to you, I encourage to motivate those around you to live healthier lives.

The following people are living healthier lives because of me:

#1-  Watching a friend make her selection for lunch at a buffet practically brought me to tears.  Her lunch consisted of a giant plate of fried foods and carbohydrates all swimming in a sea of blue cheese dressing. Ouch!   When I would ask her to add something of nutritional value, she would lift up her fried chicken to reveal 3 grapes floating in the blue cheese death pool.  But I never lost hope.  Every single day I would encourage her to eat better. I would point out better choices as we walked around the buffet and encourage her to drink more water.  After a year of advice, I can finally say that all my efforts have paid off!  She now eats smaller servings and everything on her tiny plate is healthy.  Win!

#2  - Friend number 2 has been harder to crack.  This friend has a diet that consists of fat, sugar and carbohydrates.  Exercise is foreign to her and she avoids fruits and vegetables like the plague. I have taken baby steps with friend #2.  If we pass by grapes, I suggest she grab a hand full. If we go to Starbucks, I encourage her to go without the whipped cream. If I can convince her to join me on a short walk, I do. This friend will never be a gym rat, but I feel that tiny steps can make a big difference in her life and health.

Take the time to encourage people around you to walk, drink more water and make better food choices. If we each do our part, we can all live in a healthier world.



Stay True,


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