6 Things That Happen When Your Partner Goes to Rehab

9 months ago
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When your addicted partner decided to go to rehab you are going to be overwhelmed with happiness for both of you. But going through the process of rehab is not easy. While the addict is inside, cut from the outside world, you are on the outside, completely cut from them.

One or two months don't sound like a long time, but when your partner goes into rehab, the time suddenly expands. Your entire life changes, as you will be going through the detox process as well, but in your case it will be a different type of detox.

Your daily habits change

When your loved one is at rehab your daily habits will change. If you used to watch a show together in the evening or pick up the empty bottles in the morning, now these things belong to the past. You will struggle with the fact you are alone, you will find it weird not having your partner around. You will miss checking on them and searching for empty, hidden bottles of drink around the house.

You will find they were doing things around the house

When your partner goes into rehab you will find yourself taking care of the household alone. This seems to be the norm – after all, they were always drunk. But you might discover things your partner was actually doing, sober or not. They used to take out the trash, fix the plumbing or pay the bills. Or play with the kids.

Eating alone is unpleasant

Cooking and eating become unpleasant when you are home alone. There is no one to cook for, at least, not your partner, and this can make you sad. You will think of what they like and dislike, ask yourself what are they eating at rehab. The ritual of cooking and eating takes a different meaning when you are alone and it can easily turn into a depressive moment of the day.

You will try to makeup with your friends

Living with an addict can become a lonely life, as many of your friends and even family members eventually give pup on you both. When your partner is at rehab you can try to makeup with people who disconnected because of your partner's drinking problem. Bonding with your family and friends once again you are helping yourself and your partner, as you are building a loving “nest” for you two, to enjoy after rehab. Your partner will be needing this support.

You will feel the desire to call your partner

When you love an alcoholic you are constantly worrying they get in trouble. Calling them becomes more than a habit, which lives on when your partner is gone. Not being able to see or talk to them, apart from the programmed visits and calls, will make you very anxious. Even if you know rehab is the best thing for them, you still want to hear them. From one point of view, this is a highly egocentric approach, because it only makes you feel better, on a psychological level.

Your partner becomes a hero

When you are missing your partner so much, you will start thinking of all the great things you've done together. The bad things will gradually fade out of your memory, as time goes by. This can be a great advantage for your couple life, as it prepares you for a fresh start. When your partner comes home, you will be more willing to make your relationship work, compared to the moment they left for rehab.

The anger will fade out, along with the bad memories.

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