Partial Juice Fast Turns Into "Drink More Juice" Week

5 years ago

So, I almost deleted my last post becuase I have not kept to my partial juice fast regemine as planned. 

Sunday I did fine.  Juice and water til about 3pm, then we went to Moe's for lunch/dinner before going to see a movie.  I got the tofu rice bowl at Moe's which actually is pretty healthy.  My nose was running like crazy most of the day.  I was hungry during the day and was going to the bathroom alot but it was the headache that I got during the movie that was the worst part.  And since the whole idea of the juice fast is to detox, I didn't want to take any medication.  So I stuck it out.  I actually had my husband put the medicine on the nightstand so I wouldn't have to get up to reach it if I couldn't take it anymore.  It was really bad.  Finally, around 1 or 2 in the morning I fell asleep with my head still aching and fortunately, when I woke up, my head was significantly better.

Monday my head and neck were sore all day-but not as bad as the night before!  In the afternoon I started to feel achy in my spine also.  I've heard this achy feeling is common during a detox period.  But I didn't feel too bad.  Unfortunately, I ate a little too much sauteed veggies and couscous for dinner and my stomach was not happy with me.  It took about 7 hours for me to start feeling better.   Also, around 7 pm my allergies/runny nose started up with full force again.   And between my stomach and my nose, I was once again up until around 1 am. 

Both days my skin was very oily/greasy.

After last night's dinner problem, I'd begun to re-think the no-food part of my day.  So I admit, I had a whole grain pita at work today with earth balance spread.  I also had my juices though.  I still felt kind of queasy in my stomach this morning but now I feel fine.  The only thing I notice is that my skin is, once again, very greasy.

So...I may have changed my mind about this whole thing.  Maybe I'm just a wimp with no self control.  But I do have to sleep, and even more than that, I need to be able to function at work so I can't have crazy detox symptoms making me feel awful and keeping me up all night.  Maybe a gentler approach would be better for me at this point in time. I'm thinking I will stick with a minimum of 3 to 4 glasses of juice a day and lots of water.  But I can suppliment it with minimal other (plant based) foods during the day as needed.  I am certain that the past few days have detoxified me quite a bit and I do feel good about that.

The other thing I didn't really think through was just HOW MUCH juice I need.  I've been juicing like crazy!

More to come.  :-)

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