One Pound Down

4 years ago

Another week - another pound.  I'm thankful for that scale that told me I was exactly one pound less than last week. I needed (appreciated) the positive reinforcement.  Oh, wait.  I didn't go last week.  I went two weeks ago.  Well, shucks.  That's not quite the same, but I'll still take it.  And I guess now I'm glad I didn't have a number from last week to compare to because this one seems much better.

One whole pound.  yippee?  Yes, indeed yippee, but it also just reminds me how much easier it is to eat a pound worth of calories than it is to lose it.  And admittedly, it does rather irk me that I'm working on weight I've gained in the last few months and not continuing from the weight I'd lost.  Ah well.  

I also like how I say, "working" when I've been doing the normal on again/off again type of process.  Consistency is hard.  I go at it with all good intentions, but again and again it's easy to go astray.  Hopefully, though, the astrays are a little less indulgent or lengthy as I continue forward.

We went to a potluck this weekend and I ate lots.  I also ate lots of pancakes the next morning.

What IS going well is this semi-fasting thing I'm doing.  I really like the nights I teach class because I eat before six, leave for class, come home and don't eat anything till the next day.  The next day, I'm quite okay not eating till nine or ten which makes for a 15 or 16 hour stretch of no food.  It sits well with me on a bunch of levels.

First - it's easy.

Second - it's kinda fits my own natural rhythm that has otherwise been corrupted by a late dining husband and late night beers.

Third - it means I can eat a lot bigger meals in the hours in which I'm eating.

Fourth - I'm never really wanting for food until nine or ten in the morning, and that wanting is actually real live hunger feeling good and natural.

The problem with all this is that it doesn't work on the weekends or when we go out to dinner, but other than that, it's a fairly comfortable semi routine for some of the weekdays.

What is not going well is my dang knee.  It was getting better and then yesterday I picked up my little girl on the stairs and turned to carry her down and I felt it just tweak.  It immediately swelled a bit - not enough to see easily, but enough to make it difficult to bend. It throbbed all night and this morning, while stretching my calf while sitting, I felt it tweak some more and quite painfully.  I iced it.  I took some ibuprofin in the afternoon.  I can walk on it, but here and there it seems to hyperextend.  It's obviously saying it's out of whack and needing some tlc.

I didn't go to the gym this morning, but I am going tomorrow.  I don't think I'll do anything that requires using my knee, but the sheer act of getting to the gym and doing situps or arm weights will be some needed effort and motivation to stay focussed on this losing weight process.

I caught myself today thinking that life is just so much more fun when I don't worry or fret about not eating all that I want to eat.  To tomorrow and another day of staying on track.

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