Oh Banana's

6 years ago

Do you like banana's?  I am not fond of the things but occasionally I can choke one down, like this morning.  Fruit in general, I really have a hard time getting into my diet.  It is a daily struggle on that front.  I like oranges and apples and LOVE pears, but even those will go bad in my house.  Fruit is just not something I reach for, but I'm trying.  It's funny that there is not a lot of food I don't like, but fruit is not my fav.  I don't like plain milk and I'm not a fan of chocolate either.  I know, kind of weird but it can sit in my house for months and I won't touch it.  My issue is snackie foods, like chips.  I kind of gravitate to saltier things so they aren't in my house.  I have changed my eating habits so much in the past few years and even more so since January.  The weight may not be flying off my body but it will eventually and I'm so much healthier than I ever have been in my life.  I avoid fast food places like the plague but enjoy eating out so I choose a bit more expensive places so I can get salmon or steak and veggies.  I have a HUGE issues with any party or get together that involves appetizers.  My bad, bad weakness for sure so a lot of weekend nights are hard on me.  I can't avoid them so I sometimes bring things I can eat.  Doesn't always work but I try.  

Oh, as I am typing I hear the saws and hammers starting up this morning.  The progress is continuing on the addition.  Sunday night caused a horrible mess with the rain and poor little Clayton has been a muddy mess.  Pictures later in the week.  Toodles all!

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