Non-Toxic Breast Cancer Prevention?

3 years ago

non-toxic-breast-cancer-preventionAnyone who knows my family history would understand my interest in finding anything that might lower my risk of breast cancer.

My grandmother had breast cancer. My aunt had breast cancer. From what I understand, several great aunts have had breast cancer.... but none of them died of cancer.

And then there is my mother. My mother had her first breast cancer in her 20s. (Yes, I said first). In her early 40s she had malignant melanoma. In the time since, she had another breast cancer (not a recurrence of the first breast cancer... in fact, none of these cancers have spread or recurred!) and thyroid cancer. Now, at 75, she was just diagnosed with yet another breast cancer....

Yes, my mother has made arrangements to donate her body to science. She's a walking anomaly....

I have two female cousins on that side of the family. From what I understand, one rushed right out to see if the BRCA gene mutations were present... and they were not. Despite that, and despite having large families (having children being a risk reduction for breast cancer, as well as several other cancers), both opted for prophylactic double radical mastectomies with reconstruction.

Now, it's certainly not my place to say whether their decision was right for them or not... although I was more than a little miffed when one of them went on The View and made it look like my mother died of breast cancer. (My mom got a phone call from a friend who told her, "You know, you look really good for a dead woman.") I can guarantee you, though, it is not the right decision for me.

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