In Need of a Mantra

5 years ago

"Me First" was my mantra through the first part of the year.  ME.  My kids, my family, the dirty dishes, the computer, work, dirty laundry and pretty much everything else always came before me.  They didn't really come before me, but they certainly came before any effort on my part to exercise.

Deciding to commit to losing weight meant that I really had to shift my priorities.  The mantra served me well and kept me on track.  In the morning, I wouldn't do the dishes or play with the kids until I'd done my mandatory daily 20 minutes of something - usually a Jillian DVD.  I didn't ignore the kids by any means and they were fed and clothed and hugged and cuddled, but I didn't sit down and join in their play.  Instead they played on their own till I got my act together.  Afterwards, I'd feel so dang pleased with myself for doing my self-imposed torture and the day would officially begin.

Going to the gym with a friend shifted that morning oh-so-easy-to-procrastincate routine to an earlier time of day with less things to get me off track.  

I discovered that my next mantra after, "ME First" was, "What will make me proud of myself?  and that was pretty much always answered with "doing my stupid 20 plus minutes of exercise".  

Those mantras helped me A LOT.  But now, they don't quite have the same impact.  I'm not depressed and miserable and insecure and full of shame and scared I'll never get in control of my body and its weight.  Now I need something new to steer me away from a second helping of Mac n Cheese or one less pancake covered with peanut butter and maple syrup.  I need something!

"What does your body want?"  Sigh.  Gag.  I know what my body wants.  The question is a bit too complicated.  Cognitively I know it wants healthy foods in moderation.  But cognitively isn't really enough to keep me on track nor the cravings at bay.

So....I'm in need of a new mantra.  Anything good work for you?

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