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4 years ago

So it has nearly been 4months since I changed my life forever. When I changed it forever I can honestly say I have changed it for the better as well. On April 30, 2013 I decided to take a step that would be the scariest thing I possibly have ever done..I had RNY. What is RNY? Its a form of gastric bypass surgery for obesity that has become the gold standard for weight loss surgery and treatment.

I have almost reached 50lbs down. The only thing I wish I would have known before I started this jouney would have been what a roller coaster it can be. The 1st few weeks were concentrated with healing, getting fluids in adequately and starting learning how to eat with a new thing they call a, "pouch." It was so much different that my regular stomach. When I was told my tastes would change...they truly weren't kidding! I had no idea how my tastes could change just from having a reduced tummy and bypassing 18inches of my intestines. My truly roller coaster moments though have not been the taste changes. Its been kinda hard dealing with managing my day to day life without telling people I dont feel the need to tell about my eating habits, watching those near me eat things that just because I cant have doesnt mean I wouldnt like to have, dealing with the crazy hormonal changes as my body adjusts and releases some fat cells..and last but not least....adjusting to all the changes that seem to some pretty rapidly in your body size.

Would I trade my experience in RNY? No I dont think that I would. I can overall say its the one thing that has almost made ME actually feel like ME again! I feel stronger, healthier, more confident, vibrant, and just eager to live life for every moment that it brings now. It hasnt taken away alot of things but it has given me alot of those thing also. My health is returning to a wonderful path even as we speak.  I would do it all over again. The only thing I would change is that I waited for a year before I decided to continue on and wish I could have done this alot sooner.

Peace and health  :)


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