My Pregnancy Journal and Advice!

5 years ago

Here are the products that you will need to help ease 9 {10} months of pregnancy:


Bio Oil or Obliphica Intensive Serum- This is great for your belly bump to stay moisturized. Not just for hopes of trying to prevent stretch marks which I beleive are hereditary but for the insane itch that comes with the skin stretching. These will ease that itch which may end up preventing the stretch marks.

Panty Liners- You will need these on a daily basis because pregnancy makes things messy. Trust Me! Lotion- I love Nivea anything! You will need it for your entire body! You will get itchy skin too!

A Body Pillow- I bought a body pillow at around 5 months when my stomach began to get in the way of my sleeping. This pillow helps you ease the weight of the belly bump and prevents lower back pain from your knees. Its also great to have around when the baby is born for feedings and playtime.

You will need some clothes: maternity jeans long tanks tops and shirts sports bras for sleep shoes for more support and swelling

Belly Band to extend the life of your regular wardrobe- i love these because I was able to keep my own style and wardrobe through the entire pregnancy. Yes, they can ride up but they will save you a lot of money and time.

Prenatal Vitamins- You can get the ones your doctor prescribed but I bought ones from walgreens that worked perfectly and were much cheaper. Just look for ones that dont make you even more nauseous and that have what is recommended for daily intake. Anything

Anti-Nausea- The only thing that helped me was raw veggies with lots of lemon juice. Weird I know but whatever got me through the day.

Anything safe to relieve pain- You are going to have pain everywhere at one point or another. All I was aloud was regular strength tylenol. God know that didnt help! But what ever you need to take the edge off. Monthly, weekly massages helped!

A Hobby- If you dont have one yet get one. It will help the time go by and keep your mind busy from having crazy thoughts. Its also great to have something for yourself after the baby is born you will need something to look forward to besides poopy diapers and spit-up! {Hence a Blog for me!}

Pregnancy Symptoms you will hate:

Pain- chest, cramps, back, joints, head, neck, everywhere! Nausea- food aversions many things will make you gag.

Swelling- this will make areas go numb and tingle. Then there is how funny you will look and feel too. {side note: I had to get orthotics for my shoes because the swelling and weight gain cause very sharp pains in my feet. It was very painful and if you ever feel anything like that when walking dont be like me and wait 2 months to get it checked. I got orthotics and it went away!}

Weight Gain- at first you will want to grow, grow, grow, and then you will be saying no, no, no! ha the weight gain is what will cause most of the pain.


Thirst & Hunger- always have snacks and lots of water.

Milestones of Pregnancy:

Your first Sonogram

Reaching the 12 Week Mark

Telling Everyone

Feeling the First Kick

Gender Reveal

20 Week Sonogram {incredible}

Baby Registering

Baby Shower

Decorating Nursery

Baby Classes

Hospital Tour

How To Deal:

When your in pain and you need some love from your husband just tell him so. When we tell them something is wrong they will just think we want them to fix it. I am sorry to tell you but it cant be fixed you are going to have to wait it out. If there is something he can do about it dont expect him to just know you have to tell him. I do recommend pampering yourself with regular massages, facials, pedicures ect. Also I bought two tennis balls and put them both into a long sock. I used them against a wall on the parts of my back, neck and shoulders that hurt. It felt great.

Dont tell anyone your pregnant {except the father} until you hit the 12 week mark. Just take it from my sad experience THE MISCARRIGE. Dont worry about the health of your baby unless you have been given a reason to worry. {I know a lot harder said} Dont listen to anyone {ANYONE} you have the right to feel how ever you do. Unless, they are pregnant at that very moment they dont know or remember what you are going through. Believe me you forget alot of what it is like after the baby comes. Its why we have more.

You will miss being pregnant. I will be the first to say I hated it, I think women need to be more honest about how mortifying it can all be. But now I find myself missing the feeling. They way people look at you and treat you is just nice. Then again when the baby arrives you learn that there are many chivalrous people still left in the world. If you can decide on a name dont worry you will. My husband and I didnt agree on any and we finally names her 10 minutes before leaving the hospital. I love her name!


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