My New "Dailey" Routine

4 years ago

As I mentioned to you the other day, I’ve started to make some changes in my life to become a more healthier me.  And to lose the weight that I’ve put back on over the last 18 months.  Besides changing my eating habits (which I am very slow to embrace), one of the things I knew that needed to start doing again was working out.

For months, my friend, Melisa, had been gushing over a new working out that she doing called The Dailey Method (TDM).  TDM is a group fitness class with ballet barre, pilates, yoga and core work all rolled in to one.  I was skeptical of anything that, a) didn’t have a machine involved in it and, b) had the word “daily” as part of its recommendation.  I felt my life was too hectic for a commitment to do anything on a daily basis but keep my kids fed and happy and potentially shower myself.

After seeing how happy Melisa was and how much she was still talking about the workout and the people at TDM six months after she started, I’ll admit that my curiosity was piqued.  At the end of November, I had the opportunity to meet Michelle and Colleen, the owners of the Naperville and Wheaton studios respectively, and I started to get it.  To say that they both have a glow about them is an understatement!  It’s rare to meet people who just radiate positive energy the way they did, and it was impossible for me not to be drawn to it.  We talked about TDM, they answered all of my questions and concerns, and encouraged me to join Melisa for a class to see if I liked it.

It was the beginning of January when I went to my first “Principles” class with Melisa.  The instructor, Bonnie, was someone who I had met before and had the same energy and light that the owners did.  Despite it being a group class,  it was an intimate enough setting that it had a personal training vibe to it.  Once class started, I was nervous about knowing what to do, but Bonnie made sure to correct my positioning so that I was always using the proper form for the movements.  I loved feeling like I wasn’t just guessing at whats we were doing – but instead was completely engaged in the class from moment one.  The years that I have spent doing pilates have helped with some of the terminology and knowing which muscle groups in my body that I’m supposed to be engaging, but it was certainly harder than anything else I had done before.  I finished the hour-long class and I knew that I would be sore the next day.  But a good sore.  I had used muscles that I didn’t know existed.  It was challenging and fun all at the same time.

After being allowed to attend classes for a week to make sure that it was something that I really wanted to commit to, I joined The Dailey Method in mid January.  I was hooked.  I loved the people and the instructors, and the atmosphere was fantastic.  People really care about you – they aren’t pretending.  One night two weeks ago, after a particularly rough class that I didn’t think I was going to make it through because of a pounding headache, I got an email from the instructor.  She told me that she was inspired by my perseverance to make it through class and she hoped that I was feeling better.  Just out of the blue she emailed to check on me.  I was incredibly moved.  Last week was Valentine’s Day and my workout buddy (or should I say TDM Partner-In-Crime?) Melisa and I decided to do something a little nutty.  Bonnie teaches the 9:45am on Thursday.  However, The Dailey Method is launching a new Interval Class (basically the same kind of class that we take now but the volume turned up for a cardio workout) and Melisa and I were itching to try it.  Interval was scheduled at 8:30am.   Which means that we would be doing back-to-back classes.  After posting our intentions on Facebook, we were alternately encouraged and lovingly mocked for our craziness by our friends and TDM family.  When Thursday rolled around, we sweated, groaned, sang and giggled our way through BOTH of those classes and felt like rock stars when we were finished.  

This was the comment that Bonnie left on the FB status about the double-workout after class:

Bonnie status

Who doesn’t want to feel like that when they are working out?

I really enjoy my time at The Dailey Method.  It’s a very challenging workout, and one that I know I will never completely master so I won’t get bored.  I made a committment to myself to go to class four times per week.  That’s about the maximum my schedule will allow, and I’m ok with that.  Some weeks it’s only three.  Some weeks, because of the kids schedule, I might be able to sneak an extra class in.  There are three levels of classes – Principles (more of a beginner class), Mixed (a combo of Principles and advanced options) and Deeper (definitely an advanced class), plus the new Interval (cardio) classes.  90% of the time, I take a Mixed class and if I am having a day that I’m not feeling my best, I scale back on the number of advanced options that I take.  Everyone is encouraged to register online (or use the convenient mobile app) for the class that they want to take, and there are a limited number of spaces available per class so that everyone gets that personal attention.  The app (which is what I always use) adds the class to your calendar, so you are making an appointment for yourself, which I really love.  As one instructor told us, do the best you have for that day and that’s all you can do.  It’s a great way to look at my workouts, and the rest of my day.

*Disclosure:  I wasn’t compensated for this post.  I’ve just turned into a “gusher” about The Dailey Method too and I wanted to share it!

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