My Knee is Pain Free?!! How Could That Be?!

4 years ago

Last night I was up four times tending to my little boy who wasn't feeling so well.  In between those times I slept really well.  I woke up feeling slender.  I'm not slender, but I'm now not feeling bloated and the difference between those two states of being is pretty remarkable.

I also woke up for the first time in...a month?...with NO pain behind my knee.  None.  Nada.  Nothing.  Zilch.

Usually I can't lie on my back and let my leg lie flat.  The tendons behind the knee and at the upper calf are all inflamed and sore and sharp.  But today I could.  I went downstairs and realized there was no pain when I turned to go back up.  Nothing.  I did some squats, some leg lifts, some twists and it still didn't hurt.  It was like the evil crystals of inflammation that had been lodged into my tendons like nasty desert foxtails were gone and had been flushed out of my system.  It was GREAT!

I danced around the kitchen while I made some breakfast.

My body feels immensely better, but my head is a different story.  It feels congested.  It aches.  My ears are stuffy. The sinuses below my nose are tender.  But even with all that, I think my mood is relatively okay.  It would help if I felt better.  It would help even more if I had my stuff ready for my class tonight instead of looming over me, but overall, I feel okay. As well, the information from others who have gone through this process of no dairy, no grains, no beans and no added sugars have said that the first week kinda feels a lot like what I'm experiencing.

The hardest part right now is deciding what exactly to eat for each meal.  I didn't have a good plan for lunch today so we kinda winged it with more meat than I'd prefer, but the kids ate and they also ate fermented carrots.  My little boy also announced at breakfast that he liked pumpkin pancakes (sans flours or sugars) better than regular pancakes, but that was because of the cinnamon.

I don't like feeling cruddy in my head, but I do like that my body feels better and I do like that I still have no yearnings at all for anything else.  (I read that that changes around 14 days and people are faced with crazy dreams filled with every junk food they can imagine.)  For now I'm appreciating that I'm in this process.

Oh - and I walked long walks the last two days.  It felt good.  And maybe, if my knee stays like this, I'll be able to start running again.  I'd like that.

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