My Jeans Still Fit!

3 years ago

My jeans fit!  I'd assumed I'd gain ten pounds or so over the three weeks we were traveling, but I didn't.  I don't know if I gained any weight at all!  I'm a bit floppier from not doing sit ups or exercising, but I'm okay with that.

We tried to "eat clean" while we traveled and avoided dairy and pastas.  We did have some burgers and fries and other non clean meals, but most of our meals weren't too bad.  While camping, we cooked food and again avoided the dangerous Doritos and other treats that can be so fun.  We stocked up on nuts and dried coconut from Trader Joe's and ate those to our heart's delight.  And though it felt like I ate a lot, it doesn't add up calorie wise to the processed foods that have no off switch for me.

We also did some daily walks or hikes almost every day.  It was SO good to be out moving around.  I wore my barefoot shoes most of the time and had no problems with my sore foot.  My foot would be tired and sore at the end of the day, but not a sharp pain and by morning it would feel fine again.  I wish our temperatures here at home would warm up so I could continue using my barefoot shoes and getting outside more easily.

And so now I'm home and I'm tired and bleh and devoid of all that fun hopeful energy that traveling brings.   Today or tomorrow I need to get myself back on the wagon towards good health.  It was so clear while I was traveling that I'd go home and just Conquer these next ten pounds.  Ha.  Now back home, I just wish I had a chocolate bar stashed somewhere in our house.

To tomorrow and the rekindling of goals.

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