I simply think most relationship problems of all kinds come from people not having enough fun…..People simply become unhappy when too many restrictions are placed into their lives and fun has all but disappeared….Adults are simply like children in many ways….just grown up children….Adults still want to have fun…..

People do not go into relationships to become misearble….at least not on the surface……but often relationships become miserable when too much pressure is placed in the relationship and fun has all but disappeared….

Relationships often require us to let go of our perfectionistic expectations and begin to loosen up in some areas in order to bring back all that was wonderful in the relationships in the first place…..Regardless of the relationships…when fun disappears so does the relationship much of the time….

Perfection can be good in areas that are needed such as being a brain surgeon….but most areas of life are actually sabotaged from them expecting to be perfect. People are not perfect so why should relationships….Actually an imperfect relationship can often be enjoyed far more than a perfect one…..whether it is a spouse, a child, a parent, a relationship, friend, or acquaintance….Simply put….less over the top expectations the better……Less demands of perfection....

Learn to have fun in your own life and in your relationships…..You are likely going to be a lot happier by bringing back fun….






Most of life is not lived at the top of the mountain like some would think. Most of life is lived while climbing the mountain…..Our times at the top of the mountain are usually short lived anyhow….Sort of like the cherry on the ice-cream sundae…..

Most of life is lived in our day to day habits and rituals…..Most of life is lived building towards our tomorrows or embracing our past moments while enjoying the climb up the mountain of life….Sometimes life gives us that time at the top of the mountain and when there we should be enjoying every single second of it….because most of the time that time at the top doesn’t last forever before we have to start the next climb up the next mountain in life….

Life is most often about starting at the bottom and working towards the top…… It is in the climb that most of our happiness is embraced……Enjoy all aspects of your journey in life….from the bottom of the mountain, to the climb….to the top…….

And by all means when you are at the top of the Mountain ENJOY IT…..



I believe that God sometimes does his best work in us when he has had to allow what we built fall apart….I am not saying we should automatically just let our great things in life fall apart thinking something better will come….That is not what I am saying. What I am saying is that sometimes when we are holding things together that perhaps is not best for our lives sometimes those things do seem to crumble. Especially when we built them on unsolid foundation….

In life sometimes the best laid plans seem to fall apart….but often these best laid plans had a crack somewhere in that foundation….and when too much pressure was applied to the foundation the “house” crumbled…..Our foundation has to be solid to hold up our house of life……When it is not things sometimes fall apart…..

It is in the falling apart that afterwards we pick up the pieces of what is left and decide going forward if what is left should even be in our lives….Often it is in the starting over we see all that was wrong before and why things fell apart……It is then we can rebuild a new foundations and a great life for ourselves filled with all that is wonderful…

There are times people get so overwhelmed in their lives they are not paying attention to the details that can often cause everything to fall apart. Sometimes one “small” detail left unattended can ruin everything…….Sometimes people of great success see their empire crumble simply because they were too busy to pay attention to detail and it was one of the details that created everything to fall apart….

Regardless of the cause….God seems to take those broken times of our lives as a time to begin the process of building something far more fabulous than we ever dreamed of before…..Starting Over can be a good thing when what we had before was not our Best Life….

God works best with broken people it seems…..He can create something magnificent out of broken pieces that one would never have dreamed possible. Yes, it is out of brokenness that great and beautiful lives are often built….



I am simply not perfect and I am proud of it…Yes, I do strive to be my best self….I strive to be all that I can be….but I know that I am human and am simply not perfect. I am comfortable being perfectly imperfect……and that is the way I am….When People expect too much from themselves they tend to push relationships away rather than towards them….

There are people that pretend to be perfect….They don’t want to let you see any flaws. Those people are simply not being real…..And that is OK for them….but it surely is not OK for me….The “I am not perfect….but I just pretend to be” is not the best way to be……It is simply a cover up for an insecure person….For no one has a perfect life or a perfect anything even though they may try to pretend to be.

So if you meet one of those types who pretend they have the perfect life….simply know that they don’t……They may have a wonderful life….but no one’s is perfect…..Just simply be content being perfectly imperfect…



We all can get discouraged….Especially if we have tried over and over and met up with failure….Discouragement happens in everyone’s lives if they are pursuing anything that is truly worthwhile……When we meet up with discouragement what do we do? Do we give up? Do we keep on going?

When discouragement happens we simply have to give ourselves a moment or two to feel the way we are feeling….Not to deny that feeling, but also not to live in that feeling for very long. I think a little of “feeling sorry” for ourselves is not always a bad thing….but I think to live in that ongoing is not a good thing…

Once one has past the “feeling sorry” for themselves then it is time to get back up, brush oneself off, and get back out there with a solid and even better plan……Sometimes we have to change our goals, sometimes we simply have to refine our goals, and sometimes we have to create a new map to get to our goals….

Life is about ups, downs, ins and outs……but it is also about Successes…..When we are discouraged we have to look back at our successes in life and know that everyone including ourselves will meet up with discouragement from time to time….The key is to never give up on a positive lifestyle….for a positive and happy lifestyle is not linked to just one situation…..A positive lifestyle is linked to many wonderful and different situations in life…..And so when one does not work out there are still lots more different ones that will….

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