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3 years ago
MOO Machine
One of the questions I get from fellow mommas is how to store breastmilk or what system I use. 
With my first son I worked full time. It was so difficult to breastfeed and I continued on as long as I could. Stress really affected my milk supply and he wasn't a big comfort nurser so that didn't help much either. But I had a large milk supply in my freezer that allowed me to continue giving him breastmilk for a long while after he weaned from me.
 I was able to tweak some things the second time around and learn from my mistakes. Go figure I get the perfect system down and I actually am staying home this time around! But whether or not you are a working mom or staying home you will LOVE having a frozen supply, and dare I say you NEED it. Why? 
It creates freedom. 
If you need to run to the store quickly, or you are delayed in traffic, you name it, your baby's caregiver can easily warm up some milk! 
The bulk of your supply will be built in the first three months. This is because your body is producing an over abundance of milk before it starts to adjust to baby's needs and schedules. Also, it's great to pump after nursing to really get your supply on track. At one point I was losing my supply and was able to bring it back up as well as stock up my freezer in the process.
So what's the best way to store? 
It's always important to use extremely sanitary conditions (I mean you are dealing with someones food). So hand washing, washing pump supplies ect. every time is extremely important. I LOVE using breastmilk bags instead of bottles. The bags are one time use and feel more sanitary. Also, they take up less room in the freezer. AND, sorry one more point, they defrost faster. Perfect for that screaming thirsty baby! Any brand will do, we all are on a budget, but these Lansinoh worked great and I got them at a better price then the Medela but use whatever you prefer.
I ordered this compressor off Target but you can get one anywhere, and you probably could even make one. What I liked about this method was I could press the fresh milk and freeze it into flat bags making it so much easier to store.

Last but not least, I lined my freezer with old shoe boxes. Fancy I know, but I never said I was creative...or should I say, time to be creative. The milk is organized by dates and the oldest is pushed forward with the freshest in the back. Since more then likely I am not the one preparing the bottle I have instructions on the fridge since handling breast milk is a little different then dealing with formula. For example, fresh pumped milk can stay out for a few hours, providing it's not in extreme temperatures.

So now all your bottle feeder as to do is set the bag of frozen milk in warm water (NEVER microwave, oh and these bags are BPA free)
Then pour the contents into a clean bottle, put the lid on and swirl, it's normal to see separate levels thats the fat (never shake, you will disrupt the enzymes)
There you have it!
At the risk of alienating all my other readers who aren't currently nursing machines!
Nevertheless, a whole blog post was dedicated to my mommas who needed some advice.
 Now all that's left is to...ready....set...PUMP!

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