4 years ago

It's far easier to keep a train running on a track than to hoist it back up on the track when it falls off.  Or to keep a motorcycle inching forward than to try to lift it from a horizontal position.  It's easier to pick up if I'm not lying on the sofa.  It's easier to get things done if I've already been doing.  It's easier to keep on hiking than to stop and cramp up.

I'm my own big cramp right now!

Of course, it's also nice to take a hike, sit back and enjoy the scenery, but I think that scenario includes a few almonds and an apple and maybe some cheese and salami and a good drink from the water bottle.  It doesn't mean a plastic container filled with macaroni and cheese, a bag of peppridge farm cookies, some doritos and a soda.  I've kinda gone the latter route in my own corrupt version.

Last night I had two quesadillas.  Two quesadillas on full size flour tortillas, filled with cheeses AFTER I'd already had my stir fry veggetables which I only made because I didn't want our vegetables to go bad in the fridge.  I won't even share some of my other non great moments.

Once again, my non great moments were not the worst, but they certainly didn't do anything to make my body feel better and I really do think the pizza, beer and pancakes I ate over the weekend threw me off my tracks.  Perhaps a smaller quanitity would have caused me some wobbles, but I just had the whole shebang and crashed.  And now I'm in the ravine trying to get up, but doing it with all the wrong sources.

Last night in bed I told myself that today I was going to drink those detox teas and consume mass quantities of water and try to really start flushing these things through my system that are dragging me down.  Of course, I also just need to lean into the work and put forth some effort and maybe get on the ground and do some sit ups which will make me feel better.

This morning I'm lying on the sofa, under a blanket with the dog under my knees, drinking coffee and feeling bloated and sluggish - even after a cup of strong coffee.  My knee still doesn't straighten, but honestly why should it - and why should it prevent me from helping it heal. 

Today, after almost a week of hanging out on the side of the track, I'm gonna get my act together - well, more together than it was this last week - and hopefully get some momentum going and once it's going - however slowly it's going - I'm gonna hop on and keep it moving.


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