Metabolic Syndrome

8 years ago

Incase anyone is going through something like this, just sharing my experience. I am not a Doctor, but my experience may help someone else.

I have been doing some research on Metabolic Syndrome. Which is what the Dr. has told me today that there is a good chance I may have. About six months ago I went in for irregular periods, and which being in my mid 30's I didn't think too much of it, and with the family history of Endometriosis    So I got the check up done, and I did all the test. Doctor also wanted to make sure thyroid was good. Needless to say all the test came back clear. The Doctor stated that there was a chance that what could be going on is something called Metabolic syndrome. So my first experience was to take Vitamin D which I was happy with starting with that, as I really don't like to take pills, and really don't like to take meds unless I really have to. (I am more of the natural heal me type) So, the follow up from taking the Vitamin D for about six months was today.

**Some of the symptoms I had : Irregular periods, weight gain, high blood pressure (but not high enough to count as hypertension) and just lack of engery at times when I should have engery.

So I explained to the Doctor that I have had some good days, and I have had some bad days. I did run out of the Vitamins last week and couldn't afford to get anymore until next pay day, which was a weekend result of feeling just ran down and I slept way too much to feel this tired. So, I am getting put on this med (which I am not too happy about) to help control the lack of insulin that maybe causing the problem. This med is what is also used to treat Diabetes.

According to the American Heart Association if not treated could result in increased risk of coronary heart disease and other diseases related to plaque buildups in artery walls (e.g., stroke and peripheral vascular disease) and type 2 diabetes.  Also according to the American Heart Association that Metabolic Syndrome has become increasingly common in the United States  and is estimated that over 50 Americans have it.

I wanted to make everyone aware of this, as here I just thought that I was going through some sort of early change in my life as some of those symptoms were creeping up as well. I am glad that I got checked out, in hopes to prevent the above increased risk for those diseases that run on my side of the family anyway. I will start keeping track as much as I can about how I am feeling and foods that I ate for the day, to see if there is something that maybe triggering this. I want to be able to help me first, but if I can get to a happy level on this I want to be able to help others. More to follow.....

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