Menopausal Malfunction: Vagina Out Of Order!

Due to a menopausal malfunction, entrance to this old "vagina" (that is the medical term, people, pronounced vă-jī′nă or vah-ji´nah) is DENIED until further notice. Kindly come back -- well, NEVER!

A bit harsh, I know. But though my mind and heart might sometimes be willing, this aging "vagina" (still using the clinical term here), which has obviously seen better days, just can't afford any more abuse. Having birthed three children, and the last one was more like giving birth to a calf, well, it downright did me in. And since becoming menopausal, an alleged life change I've come to call "The Idiosyncrasies and Muses of Menopause," because, after all, these are things that could only happen to someone with this disturbing affliction, I'm not sure I ever recovered!

Photo by Gary Soup. (Flickr)

For now I could care less about sex, or what anyone thinks about me and my appearance. And I am sure that no healthy, normal hot-blooded woman ever feels like that. But I guess that's part of the aging process, or at least for this menopausal woman.

So when my lack of interest for sex began to dwindle, *SCREAM!* I thought I was just having a temporary out-of-body experience, or maybe even a minor break-down, and that it would all soon blow over. And maybe when pigs fly...!

Long-gone are the days of spontaneous sex: sweat-soaked, heart-racing, weight-reducing sessions. Oh, they were the bestest and funnest "exercises" in the world. They were certainly memorable knock-the-wind-out-of-you orgasms, delivering a delicious climax that made my toes curl and contorted my body 'til it hurt so good! Oh yeah, those were the put-life-back-into-you kickers, testing mileage and endurance, taking my heart to its ultimate limit.

Why, the memories alone are [almost] enough to resurrect my now dormant desires! And do I want that now? Well, yes... and, then, not so much.

Orgasms these days I prefer come while I sleep and dream, dreaming of the good-‘ol-days -- wild, vivid remembrances, action-packed; however comfortable and, without doubt, safe.

We dream a life to be; we live to dream that life! (vka)

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