Lose The Weight, Gain Your Life: My Journey On Losing 100 pounds D2

3 years ago

OUCH!!!  My head is killing me today.  I believe this is what a caffeine withdrawl feels like.  I suppose I was under the impression that the reduction of caffeine would prevent withdrawl type symptoms as there is still the existence of caffeine in my diet.  I've never had a migraine but I would definitely liken this headache to that.  It started around lunch today and it's been difficult to keep my eyes open because light hurts my eyes.

One of the major things my doctor said I need to reduce is the stress in my life.  I'd like to do that but it seems I care too much about details and life seems to think that I can always add more to my plate.

My grandfather was found in his house on the floor yesterday.  It was assumed he was there for a few days. He has an infection and is dehydrated but was too weak to get himself up.  He's okay now, though, and is in the hospital recovering well. So much for managing stress!

My daughter also thought it would be fun while I was cooking dinner to grab my "bum-bum" and push me around for a few minutes.  I know she meant nothing by it, she's only two afterall, but there was something hurtful about it.  I don't want my daughter to grow up with memories of playing with mommy's big bum-bum. I want my daughter to have memories of us playing and laughing, and being active. 

After my daughter went to bed I knew I had to workout.  I hopped on the bike for 3 miles, 15 minutes, and 75 calories.  Add this to my reduced caffeinated beverage intake, increased water intake, no snacking, and healthier food choices today and I'd say it was another step in the right direction.

I wasn't going to write today because I've been so sleep deprived over the past few days due to stress over various things BUT my darling dearest hubby-bubby encouraged me to stick with it. I agreed that if I slack today I will be tempted to slack other days.   It's only been 3 days and if there's going to be a big change it's going to take dedication.

I received a copy of The Daniel Diet as motivation to begin this journey.  I'm going to start reading it in conjunction with this experiment/lifestyle change. If I see anything worthwhile I'll be sharing it on this post.

Well, nighty night, prayers are said, time to lay down my weary head!

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