Lose The Weight, Gain Your Life: My Journey On Losing 100 Pounds D14, D15, D16, D17, & D18

3 years ago

"How many of us have ever considered that food can heal? [...]Food is the most powerful drug on the planet. It can improve the expression of thousands of genes, balance dozens of hormones, and optimize tens of thousands of protein networks. It can cure most chronic diseases, and it works faster, better and cheaper than any drug--and all the side effects are good ones."  - The Daniel Plan by Rick Warren

This book is full of things that help give a healthy perspective of various things.  The first is food.  The book mentions how if it is grown from a plant it is food, if it is made in a plant then it's a food-like substance.

The thought of calling something I put in my mouth a "food-like substance" definitely diminishes it's appeal. I wish I had read this early in the week but I didn't read it until this evening. 

Wins for this week:  added fruit/vegetables daily.  exercised everyday with the exception of Tuesday (I had worn myself out by staying up so late for so many nights in a row that I came home from work and fell right to sleep!)

Things to improve:  I struggle with drinking water.  With the cold weather I find it difficult to drink anything cold. I need to focus on removing food-like substances from my daily diet. 

In terms of weight.  I'm at 251.... so basically no change since last weigh in.   I believe I'll be out of the 250's next weigh in because I believe I will successfully alter my diet and continue to exercise this week.  

I shared my goal with a coworker.  It's always scary telling people that I'm working on some project because sometimes I quit, sometimes I fail and that's never a good feeling when people ask you to update them on the status of your progress.  So I took the plunge anyway (besides,  I'm telling everyone on here so what's another person?)  and to my surprise she suggested we start walking together on our lunches!   I'm all for that!  So we begin on Monday with walking at lunch in addition to riding the bike in the evening.

I don't have many close friends and the close friends I do have are parents themselves so I rarely see them.  I try to keep in touch with them at least once a week.  I tell you all this so that you understand the support system I have is really remote.  My husband is my #1 supporter and now I have a second person that I actually see face to face for back up. It's a huge help and perhaps a relief that I didn't even know I was in need of.

I calculated that to lose 100 pounds safely it should take a year. I'm going to need a lot of support throughout a year to not backslide and to stay focused.

Well, cheers to another week of becoming the healthy!  


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