Lose The Weight, Gain Your Life- The Beginning

4 years ago

2:30 AM today I was woken up by high winds blowing through the trees that tower my house.  I always fear these trees are too old and will crash through my home when high winds blow.

2:55 AM still awake stressing over these awful trees.  Debates on whether to wake the baby and bring her in our room race through my head. Then it happens.  That shooting pain down the left side of my arm.  I have had it since Friday intermitently.  The thought that it may be my heart looms heavily on my mind. I go downstairs and grab some asprin, chug some water, and refill the water pitcher. 

3:00AM my loving husband wakes up, sees I'm not laying next to him, and searches for me in the house.  He checks to make sure I'm okay because he's aware of this pain I have had since Friday.  We go back up to bed

3:30AM still awake. I can't help wondering if I've become so unhealthy that I won't get the chance to make any changes.


6:35AM ALARM .... snooze to the rescue

6:44am ALARM.... snooze it again

6:53am ALAAARMMMMM.... okay, okay.  You don't have to be such a pain!

8:00AM walking into work I called the doctor but they don't open until 8:30... figures.

I spoke with my collegue who had a heart transplant (sadly, younger than me) to see how he knew there was a problem with his heart. After a quick chat he stated if it were my heart I would definitely know it. Of course I wanted verification from a doctor so I agonized for the next 30 minutes until I was able to call again.

12:45PM I walk into the office, give my name, and have a seat in the newly renovated waiting room. I hate the faux floors they installed.

12:50PM I find out my weight.... 2 years of not knowing and now I know..... I tip the scales at 256pounds.  How depressing.

1:30PM I find out it's not my heart. Although the pulse was fast at 88bpm resting and the bp was 132/90. Strangely enough I have had low blood pressure throughout my life until the day my daughter was born (perhaps a little foreshaddowing of things to come). My cholesterol readings are low... but that includes the good kind of cholesterol.  The doctor suggested not to focus on losing weight but to focus on exercises that help reduce stress. Since I have a crap knee that limits my ability to do exercises that require side to side movements, the doctor suggested a recumbent bike.  She also prescribed a medication to help reduce heartburn (she seems to think the heartburn weakened my esophogeal wall and this may be causing the pain near my heart).

2:30PM went to the local sporting goods store.  Holy cow are these recumbent bike things are expensive...

2:32pm went online to see if walmart could help me out.

2:55pm was told by the dweeb at the pharmacy that he "just received" my prescription. So I told him "you got it over 30 minutes ago. I was there when the doctor sent it."  To which the smug undergrad retorted "yeah, I have it now but I haven't worked on it. You're going to have to wait 25 more minutes."  Psh. Rude!

4:00pm acquired recumbent bike from Wally World (booooo).  Unfortunately, I exceed the maximum weight by 6 pounds.  So, I guess step 1 is drop 6 pounds so I can use the bike.... how freaking ironic is THAT?

Alright, in all seriousness I won't be this detailed in all of my posts. It just happened to be an eventful health day. I also have no desire to track the time of when each event happens in my days.


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