A Little Bit Pregnant...

3 years ago


Have you ever heard someone say it's impossible to be a little bit pregnant? Well, that person has never been through an I.V.F. cycle.I think someone made that up as a line for scared teen moms or as an ad for cheap pregnancy tests because today I am truly a little bit pregnant and it is a terribly strange "in-between" place to be.

We transferred two perfect embryos yesterday at 9:30 a.m. July 3rd is the date for our pregnancy test and we now begin the nerve wracking "two -week wait". My attitude is so different this time around because I know what can happen. I'll be honest, they said two days of bed rest, but I'm not sticking to it the way I did before. Did I mention I have my Google M.D. license? Well, after scoring, I mean SCOURING every corner of the internet it seems that "bed rest" is actually one highly contested area of I.V.F. treatment. After two days of complete bed rest the first time my body felt horrible. And I did not get pregnant. And I wondered if any blood flow had even reached my uterus after lying still for so long. So, yesterday I stayed home and took it easy, did some work on the computer, took a nap, and had a good night's sleep. I ate clean but not perfect. There were some potato chips and chocolate ice cream as part of the line-up and I think it's fine. If our little embies are healthy. then they are going to stay. If they are not healthy, or there is some other underlying problem, I don't think potato chips are going to make a difference. I'm putting it all in God's hands. Please keep our little hopeful family in your prayers.

I love reading the specifics of other gal's treatment cycles, so here are mine, in case you want to know:

June 20: Took the day off work, cleaned house, ACUPUNCTURE, dinner at a friend's house --Gyro Salads. Yum!

Begin Doxycycline and Medrol with dinner

June 21: Transfer day (9:30) Clinic rules: Lay down for 30 minutes post transfer, no getting up or sitting straight. Doxycycline and Medrol with breakfast and dinner. Crinone insert after transfer/ once per day until test. (First day of Summer! Summer is my favorite season, so I'm taking it as a good sign.)

June 22: Restful morning, then going to a friend's brunch birthday. No one knows what we are going through, but I am thankful to be around friends that love us as a distraction. Should I be staying home doing nothing? Maybe, but the studies also say that laughter is good for the transfer. I just say we will see...

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