lil' juice here, lil' fruit there...take THAT, arthritis

6 years ago

Well, without meaning to...I've discovered some non-medical ways to help the aching I have from some (apparent) arthritis.

Here's how it happened. Arthritis Products

Back in October of 2010, I started having what's called 'trigger thumb', where your fingers and/or thumb 'lock' into place. If you try to move them into another position...severe pain.

So I decided to visit a local chiropractor, figuring something was just out of alignment. I ended up at Dr. Joe Olivacz's, and I told him what was happening. He wondered if arthritis had started it. (By the time I saw him, my wrists were in pain, and simple activities like turning off a water faucet or brushing my daughter's hair were extremely painful.)

He wanted me to see a local rheumatologist, but due to crazy schedules and life, I decided to hold off and see if it cleared up. In the meantime, Dr. Olivacz suggested I try some natural ways to treat it.

Here's what I discovered...

Fresh pineapple seemed to reduce the severity in the pain I normally experience, while tomatoes triggered the pain. (sad face...because I love salsa)

So, now, each morning I take:

1 - OsteoMatrix caplet (Shaklee)

1 - L-Lysine 500 mg capsule (TwinLab)

1 - Biotin 600 mcg capsule (TwinLab)

1 - Devil's Claw 480 mg capsule (Nature's Way)

They don't so much take away the pain, but after a few weeks, I did notice a distinct improvement with flexibility in my hands. My thumbs weren't locking up as bad. And although some mornings my joints were still a little achy-feeling, they were nothing like they had been. Pomegranate juice

So, imagine my surprise when, after I drank some R.W. Knudsen Cranbery/Pomegranate juice the other night before I went to bed, I woke up with almost zero pain in my wrists or joints. (Hello.) And I didn't even realize it until I was thinking about what I was planning to eat for breakfast, (since pineapples tend to help), and it dawned on me that there was no pain.

Of course, when I went to clinch my fist to hold onto a towel, there was a slight bit of tenderness on the right side of my left wrist, but other than that...nothing. (Nice.)

Now, just to be clear, this is not medical advice, and I am no doctor, but...I can tell you that I've been in pain for almost a year now and nothing has taken it (completely) away yet.

I told Dr. Olivacz about it and he suggested I see if any studies have been done on pomegranate juice helping arthritis. I did, and here's what I found...

Update #1: The next day, I tried drinking some more juice whenever the aching would start again, and it worked.

Update #2: Last night I was out of juice and this morning I woke up somewhat achy. I did, however, have a huge bowl of pineapple last night so, while my wrists ached a bit this morning, it was nothing like it has been.

My conclusions...fresh pineapple and organic concentrated pomegranate juice will now be a part of my daily menu. ;)

Trust me, I'll take that over medicine any day...

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