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5 years ago

My participation in BlogHer's Inspiration to Fitness program has been a little better this week than last... but more than half of it was spent sick, which continued to be no fun at all.  I ended the week mostly back to normal which has been a great pace for life AND exercise. :)


However, like I have said before, this has not stopped me.  It has not stopped me from seeking out ways to exercise when I could.  I've done pretty well for a sick girl.  It has not stopped me from eating a little better when the opportunity presented itself.  It hasn't really dampened my drive for thorough and permanent changes throughout my life.  Even the simple hikes that we have gotten to go out on as a family has etched further my drive for success.  And if I have learned something about myself over the last couple of's that slow changes tends to equal permanent changes for me.  Drastic changes leave me feeling like a failure because inevitably, I fail, because they are so drastic.

For the first time in a long time,  I feel like things are falling into order.  This past year was a cleansing of my soul that has allowed me a much cleaner place to work with.  A year ago, I could not have done this.  A year ago I was still stuck in the cobwebs of life and its mess.

May a make a suggestion to you?  Or share a thought that has occurred to me?  A lot of times, I feel that people jump into a new exercise routine and fail.  Not because their efforts weren't valiant or worthy but that while taking care of the body with exercise and good diet they neglected matters of the heart and by heart I mean an emotional or spiritual issue that needs to be addressed.  If you don't address those issues, then failure is bound to be your destiny...sooner or later.

For me, there have been times where I have tried a new something or other...was off to a great start and because I was neglecting the problem of the heart (and soul) I wasn't getting anywhere.  I'm not saying you shouldn't jump in and go for it...just don't forget to look at the whole picture.

So that is my thought for the day. :) I encourage you to keep at it, no matter what.  I am.  And I encourage you, that if you are seeking out changes in one area of your life, that you take a good long look at everything around you, too. :)

How are you doing? Holding steady to any of your new years resolutions?  Alysa has some really great tips for keeping resolutions...I encourage you to check them out, too!

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