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I’ve got two workouts that will get you not only killer legs but tight, round glutes as well. The two benefits of these workouts are maximum fat loss and building lean muscle mass.  If it’s lean, toned, defined legs you’ve always wanted….look no further.  You’ll do one workout at the beginning of the week and the second 3-4 days later --in the same week.  Both workouts require weights, specifically dumbbells.  I recommend 2-3 sets of dumbbells.  

If you prefer working out in the gym, check out "Killer Legs" Gym Workout.

Workout # 1 Circuit Resistance Training– Perform 4 Circuits; the first circuit use only body weight (warm up); the other three you will use weights. Keep in mind the heavier the weight the more muscle you will build.

No rest between exercises; rest 30 seconds between circuits.

1) Squats (wide stance squats) 12 reps
2) Stiff Legged deadlifts 12 reps
3) Walking lunges 12 reps each leg
4) Spartan Bow 12 reps total…6 each leg
5) Plié dumbbell squats 12 reps
6) Step-ups 12 reps
7) Good Mornings (hold a dumbbell at your chest or use a barbell as in the video)
8) Split Squats (body weight) 10 reps

Workout #2 Resistance Training –Perform 2-3 sets of each exercise with 1-2 minutes rest between sets. Here you will lift heavy (as heavy as possible while maintaining correct form) and do fewer reps.

1) Split Squats (body weight) 20 reps total...1 set only. Rest 30 seconds before
beginning #2.
2) Spartan Bow 20 reps total, 10 each leg…1 set only. No rest before moving to
next exercise.
3) Dumbbell Squat to a Bench 6-8 reps
4) Stiff Legged deadlifts 8 reps
5) Front squats with dumbbells (in the video she uses kettle bells which is fine
but dumbbells work just as well) 6-8 reps
6) Dumbbell squats 6-8 reps
7) Calf raises 8 reps

Five minutes of stretching after your workout will help to alleviate  DOM’s…Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness.

Daily workouts for home, work or on the go visit my Facebook page.

Note: The above workouts are designed for adults healthy enough to perform high intensity exercises for extended periods of time. Be sure to check with your doctor before beginning this or any other exercise program.

Gale Compton
Certified Fitness Instructor
fit fabulous forever


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