June Fitness Goals: 10k

3 years ago

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Hi there! Happy Saturday!

Things are finally slowing down a bit and I took advantage of the beautiful Friday we had yesterday.


I took the kids to our local park and played in the sun for three hours.

My only regret was lack of sunscreen. Oh yes. My white legs are now a crisp lobster red. :( Whomp! Whomp!

My shins are so burnt that when I walk it hurts…so my fitness activity went from “running” to floor exercises.

90 sit-ups followed by marshmellow chocolate covered pretzels in a bowl of cool whip.

What is going on?

The truth is I have been super busy that I’ve even put myself on the back burner again. We packed our home and now are being held up on a horrible inspection so I have unpacked a few things, tried to transition the kids all while embracing summer. Their school and organizations ended last week so change is all over and even the kids have noticed. “Change” doesn’t come easy to them when they are used to an every day routine. So, life has been busy.

As I am completing the #30daysofselflove activities, it has really made me think of what my fitness goals are.

I struggled horribly last week through the ZOOMA race (which you will hear about very soon) and my three times a week out has turned into one, maybe one.

I had to really sit down with myself and make a new goal. I love to run, I love the results, I love how it makes me feel so what is feasible for me to accomplish at this point and time.


To establish a stronger running base.

I have ran 6 miles a handful of times. I can make it to the end without huffing and puffing but I want to be stronger. I want to finish a 10k feeling good. My first 10k time was 1:18 and ZOOMA was 1:21:04 (after I ran another 5.5 miles five days earlier.) Take for granted the elevation of both races varied drastically but I’d like to have a 10k under 1:15 <—— GOAL number 2.

My ultimate goal is to run a half marathon. People tell me all the time that if I can run 6 miles I can do the half but honestly, I don’t want to complete it half-ass. Sure I can reach a finish line, sure I’m allowed to walk, okay maybe I would be proud of myself but I want to put some good work, heart and soul into it. You feel me?

Is it so bad that I want to perfect my running before extending the distance?

set and reach goal concept

GOAL: To create a strong running base, one where I feel good and not tired running a 10k.

PLAN: To follow Hal Hidgon Training Program

POTENTIAL PROBLEMS: Hubby goes on call 24/7 for two weeks. Might be a challenge getting the morning runs in.

STICK TO IT: I have created a calendar with the agenda so I can visually see it up close, every day.

I don’t feel like I’m going “backwards” but I’m going to become stronger.

Do you make goals? What are your June fitness goals?

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