January 24: The Least Wonderful Time of the Year

6 years ago

Feeling blue? You are not alone. January 24 is the most depressing day of the year, and not just for Jets fans.

A professor at the University of Cardiff in Wales named Dr. Cliff Arnall specializes in seasonal disorders and he says that out of all the depressing days of the year January 24th is the worst.

Why January 24th? Well, I don’t know where you live, but it is cold where I live and gloomy cold weather is a factor. Other depressing factors? Many people are still holding on to their extra holiday weight (like me), have already broken their New Years Resolutions (like me) or are now looking at their post holiday credit card bills (not me, I am in an airport thinking about January 24th).

I can see it. There are tons of things to be depressed about. Think of all the missed opportunities for 2010! It is cold and flu season and your children keep wiping their noses on your black sweaters. Your team didn’t even make the playoffs. The next holiday is Groundhog Day, and Groundhog Day sucks, it is a made up and completely arbitrary holiday and you don’t even get a day off of work for that crap. You get paid on the last day of the month and stupid January has 31 days so you’ll be eating macaroni and cheese on Tuesday AND Wednesday.

Plus, everyone knows that winter laundry is bigger than summer laundry. Sweatshirts take up a lot more room than tank tops so I always have to do twice as many loads of laundry when it is cold out. Piles and piles of laundry makes be grumpy.

But look at the bright side Debbie Downer, 2011 is a new year! You can still lose the weight. 30 Rock is airing new episodes! My team isn’t going to the Super Bowl, but there is always hockey, and the Caps are looking better. Buck up little camper.

Most of all, tomorrow is another day. And January 25 is somehow far less depressing. It is true! Ask science!

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