The IVF Survival Kit

3 years ago

Chris:  Ever since we got the medicine "Party in a Box" Candace has been apologizing about the hormonal basketcase that she is going to become.  She tried to reconcile some of this impending doom and terror by giving me what she called an "IVF Survival Kit." 


 Beyond a very heartfelt letter that Candace put in the basket, there was a lot of quirky stuff in there.  Candace bought us matching super-socks.  SuperMan and WonderWoman socks with attached little capes for our transfer day.  She got me a pair of "Think Positive" boxers for my uh hem, deposit appointment and a pair of matching t-shirts with the same emblem for our retrieval day.  Yes, we will be those people.  She also put a pin in there to give to Simon, our embryologist that says, "Embryologists Rock."  He has always been very positive and even, behind his hospital garb, we can tell that he has his heart in his work.  What more could we ask for?  She also put 3 awesome beers in there.  One actually has a "beer equivalent" of the fertilization process as the label.   Thank you SmuttyNose Brewery!

 To cap it off, she put two tickets to see Mumford and Sons that will be here in concert a few days before the foreboding pregnancy test blood work.  I suppose it is kind of a "We made it through everything in our control so let's have fun and hope everything works" event.  I am totally stoked to see Mumford and Sons.  Shortly after she gave me the IVF Survival Kit, we went to the store and bought Candace some absolutely ridiculously goofy socks for her bloodwork/ultrasound appointments.  She said that her feet get cold when she is on the throne as "Stirrup Queen."  The only caveat to all of this, I can't drink the beer until after I provide my cup of genetic awesomeness!  I will start an hour countdown soon... 

Candace:  So a lot of stuff you learn from trial and error.  First time we went though this, I had such a bad negative outlook.  It made me sick that I had to even take this giant step to achieve my dream.  Why me?  What horrible thing did I do in my past life to have to fight so damn hard for something that is so incredibly easy for others?  I was bitter, depressed, and suffering from sticker shock.  So, needless to say, my negativity resulted in just that, a negative outcome.  Now, I am not saying that this was the reason that I had a negative test because, I had 3 other negative tests and procedures following that.  BUT, I am saying that for this round, I  have adopted a more positive outlook.  We have had some really hard times and testing trials already (brain surgeries, life in general, and of course infertility).  Together, hand in hand, instead of taking a royal ass-kicking, we find ways to tackle it head on and have some fun doing it.  I guess it is something like the saying, "Shoot for the Moon, even if you miss, you'll land among the stars."  I just hope the heavens are full of fertile stars and babies :)

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