I've Had a Hell of a Lot of Fun and I've Enjoyed Every Minute of It

4 years ago

It's been a crazy ride for me as section editor at BlogHer, a ride full of anecdote and fact, magic and heart -- a ride that now comes to an end.

We broke a lot of ground together, both within the sex-positive and sex education communities and the science blogging space. Over the course of a year we had the pleasure of featuring the writing of a variety of incredible women -- many established and many who were just coming into prominence both in the sciences and the relationships arenas.

We connected with many women across a variety of conferences and made an appearance on the Suzanne Show. The Health section took on churnalism and misinformation and got recognition from the science blogging community and the Love & Sex section got props as best sex blog at this year’s LA Weekly Web Awards, and ranked 7th among sexperts according to Mashable, beating both Dan Savage and Dr. Ruth.

I couldn't have done any of it without the women and men who tirelessly worked with me to contribute, or without you, dear readers, who gave me both feedback and inspiration. Working on the backend changes you in a way that is difficult to describe: you write a lot less, it's true, but the skills it hones change you as a writer -- and for the better.

I couldn't be more grateful for the freedom and support I received during this adventure from senior editors and assorted BlogHer staff who have kept me in order since I started. Julie Ross Godar, my mentor and the best editor I have ever had; Stacy Morrison, a brilliant editor-in-chief who will continue to take BlogHer wild and wonderful places; Rita Arens, Denise Tanton and Tarrant Figlio, my muses; Jenna Hatfield and Karen Ballum, two top-notch editors I want to be when I grow up; Valerie Field, who tirelessly kept the invoices straight; my heroes Elisa Camahort Page, Lisa Stone and Jory Des Jardins; and so, so many more.

What does this mean for you? Well, for starters, a lot more writing from me! I will continue to write for BlogHer, so don't you worry. I'm not going very far. That said, if you haven't connected with me on social media yet, let's take this moment to do that! I'm @avflox on Twitter, Anaiis Flox on Facebook, +A.V. Flox on Google Plus, avflox on Pinterest, and avflox on Instagram.

Let's stay in touch, so I can take you along on the next ride! I can't promise anything, except that it won't be boring!

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