IT’S NOT GOOD ENOUGH…..When What You are Offered Doesn’t Match What You Want….

So much of what is offered to us at first glance in life is simply  “NOT GOOD ENOUGH” in my opinion…..Sure there are times we have to “take what we can get” for the moment, but it is no way to live one’s life ongoing…..Sometimes we have to make the best out of situations until we can get to something better….so I understand about all of that….and yet I try to avoid “It’s not good enough” in my life….

I have noticed that much of the time the first thing offered is “not good enough” by my standards….I remember going into a restaurant and the first table offered to me was next to the kitchen door that swung open constantly….I refused that table causing me to wait awhile….for the perfect table. I asked and got the best table in the restaurant as a result of not taking “not good enough….” The next couple that came in took that table by the door and I could tell they were constantly annoyed each time that door swung open….They were willing to accept “not good enough….”

When it comes to friends….I simply do not want just any friend in my life….I want the best……When it comes to careers and jobs….I don’t want to settle for any length of time on a job or career I am not happy at…..When it comes to where my family spends their time I want them to have the best that I can possibly provide for them….I don’t want them to get in the habit of accepting “not good enough…”

I have made it a mission in my life and a lifestyle to AVOID “It’s Not Good enough….” Yes, if you hung around with me you would see that I choose the best vegetables at the market, I choose the best seats in the restaurants, I choose the best places to spend my time……I simply do not want to settle for “not good enough” in my life….Life is precious….and I want the best in my life that I can create…….



I simply do not like to rush…..I know lots of people who rush through life….They are always rushing from one place to the other….There is an edginess to them. Always feeling the need to be thinking about the next place they need to be….never quite enjoying or taking their time where they are at in the present moment…..I simply have no desire to live my life that way…..That is why I like “being late…”

On things that truly do not matter I do not rush for…..I do not rush for people who would not rush for me….Actually I don’t expect people to rush for me…..for rushing simply tells me that a life is out of alignment in some way when people have to rush…..I feel if we have perimeters of time that we can show up somewhere then I refuse to rush…..I truly am rarely late….so I don’t want you to think that I am intentionally trying to inconvenience others….That is not my style. I pride myself in being thoughtful and gracious so I don’t want to take up someone else’ s time unnecessarily….Nor do I allow people to take up my time unnecessarily…And yet, I would rather be late than rush……If I have to decide between rushing or being late….I almost always choose to be late…..

By scheduling things right as said I am rarely late for anything. I can’t remember the last time I was late…..but if I was late I don’t worry about it…..because I know that I did my best without rushing…..I plan ahead… give myself time to not rush……

Mistakes tend to happen when one is rushing…..which ends up slowing one down or taking up lots more time and energy… why rush in the first place….I simply do not see the reasoning behind rushing unless it is an emergency…..I guess there are always extenuating circumstances…

So for me I love my Non-rushed lifestyle….My taking my time to get from point A to point B…..I must go now, so I am not late…..I plan ahead….


Buying Time……..Why Every day Is special…

Can a person BUY TIME if they wanted to…? Can a person request something like more time on something that the time is almost up? Growing up I heard the expression “buying time” as something one did at the end of their life….asking God for more time to live……I have also heard people use that term for other things….like on something they need to pay back as in a bank loan or other things along those lines….

Can one “buy time” at the end of their lives? I am not sure if one can buy time….I am not sure we can bargin with God to give us more time….Sure we can do things that prolong our lives….such as taking care of our health….Or in the case of sickness finding the right medical solutions that can help prolong our health and our life…..And yet, I am not sure we can prolong our lives beyond a certain point…..For at some point we will all “pass on” in my belief…..I have never seen or heard of anyone who was born that lived forever… least not in this lifetime as we know it….

Knowing that it is unlikely that I can buy time at the end of my life….Knowing that we don’t have forever here as we  know it on this Earth….Knowing that God has given me so many years and I am not certain actually how many I get……..For those reasons, I have decided to enjoy and live my life fully now….Not wait for some perfect time or elusive someday to enjoy my life…..Not to consider this just any other day…Instead I want to consider this day and every day as Special….For me every day is special….

Whether I live another day or till I am past 100 I want to take no day for granted. No one day is more special than another. All days are special to me…..I am determined to find happiness and pleasure in every single day of my life….Treating every single day as a special Gift from God…..

I want to live every day the way I truly want….Yes, I realize not all days are truly the same in the sense that all days are exactly the way I would like to see them flow….but even on those days I  do my best, I try to make them everything I can make them that is good and happy in my life….Yes, Every day is special to me….I will treat my days far more valuable than any amount of money or fame…..

Since I do not feel that I can buy time….Since I believe that life as we know it here doesn’t last forever…..I simply want to embrace and enjoy each and every one of these NOW MOMENTS…….I want to have a lifetime of NOW MOMENTS……I have no time to waste…..since I cannot buy more time…..Time is a Gift…..Not something we can buy…

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