It Just Keeps On Getting Not Better

4 years ago
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Gozer’s mother,whom I am now calling TaintFace, has recently been diagnosed by a psychologist as having OCD/anxiety disorder. Personally, I think she keep the facts revealing she has bipolar disorder from the doctor, but whatever – it’s a start.

Now, my baby brother and TaintFace were enthusiastically participating in Gozer’s testing as of yesterday afternoon, when they faxed paperwork to the Aspy Doc’s office. When Mom tried to talk them out of testing Alex now, they were adamant they wanted the testing. Thus, imagine my surprise when TaintFace called me screaming last night at 10:30 PM that she was coming to get her kids right that second because I had “overstepped my place” by getting Gozer tested.

Now, I know the stupid twatwaffle has had psychotic breaks with reality in the past. I assume TaintFace lost her shit when I told Baby Bro that Gozer’s diagnosis was looking like it was probably going to be high-functioning Aspy. Her way of handling her worry was to attack me and the only way to do that was imaginary. I can understand that, intellectually.

It was still a very bad move on her part.

I, with a great lack of tact and a significant amount of volume, let her know that I didn’t appreciate her bullshit and that if she was such a concerned mother, why did she and Baby Bro go to the beach for a “mini-break for them” instead of coming up here for Gozer’s testing? (They let my parents pay for testing, and let me take 8 hours out of my week, so that they could spend their money on vacation and leave me to help their little girl in the place of a parent.) Moreover, why did TaintFace sign, date, and fill out every form (including writing in the margins) if she didn’t want Gozer tested?

God knows I’ve always disliked the way TaintFace spends her every waking moment trying to avoid her kids, although she is better with Gozer’s brother now that he is older. Not only do the kids have to spend 35-50% of the time at my Mom’s because their parents are at work (on top of before/after school daycare) -- TaintFace has been busted rearranging her schedule to work with Baby Bro (they are both EMTs) rather than staying with her kids --- TaintFace is forevermore leaving them with a friend or relative so that she and Baby Bro can “have some time together”. Like they don’t pull 24 hr shifts together. I don’t think their little breaks would bug me if they hadn’t been dropping Gozer off at daycare at 5:30 AM and picking her up at 6:30 PM since she was six weeks old – even on days when neither of them were working.  They would have rather let their toddler spend 12 hours in daycare than to waste any of their precious free time by being with her.

*derisive sneer of disgust*

I also let her know that I thought threatening to truncate Gozer’s time up here with her cousins and the YMCA camp she was so looking forward to was a really selfish maneuver. Apparently TaintFace doesn’t care about Gozer’s happiness when TaintFace can try to “punish” me by dragging Gozer away screaming and crying. Fortunately, my Dad called Baby Bro and let him know that they were NOT welcome to drag the kids away. They would bring Gozer home with her brother on Friday instead of letting her stay an extra week if that’s what Baby Bro and TaintFace wanted, but they weren’t coming to my home to throw a fit.

Dad’s intervention was probably unneeded because Mom and I knew it was an empty bluff on TaintFace’s part; it would have meant she would have to end her little beachfront jaunt early and then been home with her children herself. Heaven forbid.

Anyway, that’s the current status here. My parents are trying to get Baby Bro to see TaintFace’s temper tantrum should not supersede Gozer’s needs and happiness, but I have faint hope. The therapist is appalled because these kinds of outburst are detrimental to children who aren’t on the spectrum let alone those with ASD, and with TaintFace changing Gozer’s plans so suddenly my poor little niece will be miserable.

Please send FGBVs that TaintFace pulls her head out of her ass OR that Baby Bro grows a pair and puts his wife on a leash.

You may also want to start collecting for my bail money.