iPhone Hotel Workouts for BlogHer '11

6 years ago

I've been trying to get in shape lately.  I've never been someone who has been able to stick to one kind of workout.  I've tried circuit training, running, kettlebells, the bar method, swimming, step classes...you name it, I've at some point, signed on for it.  With three children and a desire to do something, anything else but workout in my free time, I've come to the conclusion that I will look for any excuse not to workout.

One of those excuses is the upcoming BlogHer 11 conference.  I won't have time.  I'll be too busy partying.  My feet will hurt to much.  I don't know the area well enough to run.  I can't fit hand weights in my luggage.  The hotel gym won't be open early/late enough.  I don't want to pack sneakers.  After all it's only a four day conference, and going four days without working out?  Please, that's nothing.  

But I've decided not to let myself off the hook.  With that in mind, last week I perused the iPhone apps to see if there was anything I could bring along with me.  There are plenty. While there are tons of apps for everything from tracking your runs to finding trails to counting calories (as if that's going to happen at BlogHer) what I wanted were a few apps that I could use to coach me through a hotel-room workout.  Something I could do fast, whenever, with one eye on the tv.  

Here are my top three favorites.  All free.  All quick.  Though they do feature ads at the bottom, they are very unobtrusive and you can always upgrade to a paid version to avoid the ads entirely.  Alas, none of them come with excuses.  These three apps all work similarly in that they have simple instructions and small videos to demonstrate form that you follow along with.  What I love about these workouts in is that you don't need handweights or fancy equipment, you just need a floor and a towel to work out on.  And both of those things will be in your BlogHer '11 hotel room.  

Daily Ab Workout:

This Daily Ab Workout gives three options for workout length - 5, 7.5 and 10 minutes.  The app counts down your exercise time, per exercise.  So for example for the Basic Crunch, it counts down for you from 30 seconds.  It also counts down how many exercises you have left.  Other exercises include the Bicycle Crunch, the Right Oblique Crunch, Left Oblique Crunch, Reverse Crunch, Long Arm Crunch.

Daily Cardio Workout:

This workout works much the same as the others.  Included are Jogs, Shuffle Punches, Knee-Ups and more.  What is nice here is that you can do it as advanced, intermediate or beginner.  The advanced goes for a full ten minutes, the beginner, half that.  A friendly voice will let you know that you can stop if you're a beginner, which you may or may not be able to hear over your own panting. 

Daily Butt Workout:

Although some of these moves on the Daily Butt Workout are done with hand weights, you don't need them.  In fact many of them are done without - the Donkey Kick for example.  I've been doing these for about a week and my butt is still sore, so they are definitely working. The Daily Butt Workout doesn't give you time options, it's 5 minutes total and there is no way to make it longer or shorter except by repeating reps or cutting some out.  Still it seems to be about right for me, the beginner to intermediate fitness chick.

All these apps finish with a round of applause sound effect (which strangely helps) and the option at the end to share on Facebook and Twitter.  So keep that in mind for bragging rights.  Remember too that you don't have to just use this at BlogHer '11, these are great at-home workouts to do as well.   




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