I'm Claiming Temporary Instanity

5 years ago
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I've been claiming for months now that I'm going to do something about the weight that I've put on since taking a full time desk job. Before I was managing a restaurant, mostly office work, but also organizing banquets, hauling tables, greeting/seating guests, etc. It involved a LOT of running around, heavy lifting, and up and down stairs several times a day. Now... Not so much.

We have been planning a trip to Key Lime Cove since November, because we wanted to give the kids a trip for Christmas (who are we kidding, we wanted a vacation too). After careful research we decided what better gift than a weekend away at this water filled(most likely bacteria infested) wonderland!

We have tried to schedule a date several times over the past couple months, but life just kept getting in the way. Finally we settled on March 15th and booked it. No matter what life throws our way we're going. It set in stone. No ifs ands or buts about it!

This means, I have exactly 30 days to be bathing suit ready, which is what kicked off this whole crazy idea. I'm going to be sore and most likely resentful towards that skinny bitch Jillian Michaels, but (if I don't end up a corpse on my living room floor first) I will be thankful that I did this I'm sure.

When I get off work today I will go home and let the Wii Fit seriously massacre any self esteem I may potentially have, since it will most likely inflate my poor little Mii to cosmic proportions, so I can keep track of my progress over the next 30 days. Wish me luck!

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