I Want to Keep Going!

5 years ago

Health journal: this is week 7 of BlogHer's Inspiration to Fitness program and our last official meeting. Are you sad? I am a little, but you are probably sick of me going on about my failures of the previous week.. :)


I am down 7 pounds and 4 inches. I wish it was more, but I'll take it. I'm up to 3.5 miles with running without stopping and am thinking of entering a 10k. I'm starting level 3 with Jillian on Monday (gulp.) I can do 10 full manly pushups! I so, so, so, so want to keep going! I AM going to keep going. I have 12 more pounds I would love to blast off by summer. I donít know why it makes me so nervous to type that? I donít have any great pictures to show you, and you probably wouldnít be able to tell much of a difference, to be honest. Besides, I would much rather take pics of my kids and home stuff! :)

heart measurement

I can tell mostly with the way things fit. I promise I will show you a before/after picture if er, when I meet my goal!

Looking back on the past 7 weeks, there are a few things that come to mind:

* I talk to myself a lot. I try to ask myself what it is I really want. Do you really want to blow that workout this morning on that bowl of hot buttered popcorn and reeses pieces? (oooh, that does sound good right now, doesn't it?) Girl, c'mon, you worked too hard to let that workout just be a null! Are you really hungry or are you bored/stressed/excited/worried?? Letís step away from the pantry, count to 44, drink a glass of water, brush your teeth and then see if you really want those nasty value chocolate chips..î it usually works, *if* I talk to myself. But sometimes I completely smother the voice of reason with a big spoonful of nutella. It just works better to talk to yourself.

* My friend Lynee taught me that it's much better to plan your meals before you eat them, rather than eat and then record. I was eating and then writing it down but if I was bad, I felt awful recording it and then just usually bagged it for the day. I've done so much better on the days that I plan out my meals and snacks before I start eating so I know where my calories are going. Itís kind of like money: if you know exactly how much you can spend on the bathroom, youíre going to budget much more effectively and make better choices than if you just blindly put it all on the credit card and then start to add it up and feel really, really guilty. right?

* do everything possible to exercise first thing morning. If I lay out my clothes, put my socks in my running shoes, mp3, etc. the night before and know I am going to go running right after Lauren gets on the bus, I have a much higher chance of actually doing it. If I wait until after she gets on the bus at 6:50 a.m. to get dressed and then maybe I check my google reader, or my email, and then I can't find my sports bra, then I have to listen for Jillian to tell all you badbums out there to follow Natalie it's already 7:20 and time to get the second round of kids going and hopefully Iím going to squeeze something in later in the day. Is there anything better than starting the day off with that high!

Thank you, thank you , thank you, thank you for beginning this health journey with me. I can't tell you how much your comments, encouragement, tips, and personal stories have helped this girl. A special thanks to my heart health trainer, Alysa. Follow her and she will whip you into shape in no time! Let's keep going -you can DO it! I know you can.

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