I Miss Food: Week 1 of the Get Healthy Challenge

3 years ago


The ever-generic, always-present 'Get Healthy' resolution.

It's been on my list for years - partly because it is a lifestyle that doesn't shouldn't go away and partly because I need to renew my focus due to falling off the wagon somewhere between last New Year's and this.

A blog friend, A Calm Persistence, reblogged the Get Healthy Challenge 2014 hosted by Jenn. If I've learned anything this past year, it is what a difference support can make - yes, even - and maybe especially- online support. Cliche as it is, there is power in numbers.

If I have learned a second thing, it's that accountability makes all the difference. Author Donald Miller wrote about a lecture he heard that said we should keep our resolutions private and to ourselves. I totally disagree. For me, knowing that I've made it public and put myself out there pushes me to keep going when I otherwise might have quit, even if only to save face. (It's that Type-A, over-achiever personality kickin' in again).

So head-first, I'll jumping into this challenge as a way to attempt to not be part of the 99% (of resolution-breakers, that is).

Here are my goals toward being healthy, week 1.

The Master Cleanse: This cleanse, AKA the Lemonade Diet, can be a little controversial (according to WebMD), but I've had good results with it in the past. Definitely takes a lot of discipline, but I really needed something dramatic to kick-start myself. Today is Day 2 - and this will go on until Day 10. Hence...why I miss food. At least yesterday I did; today has been a little easier. So, my goal for week 1 is to successfully get to Day 9 of the cleanse, leaving me only one more day to make it to Day 10. (I'm posting my progress day-by-day here.)

Back to the Gym: I hadn't been to the gym from August - November due to my pregnancy and following miscarriage. In December, I did manage to get in 2-3 Zumba classes along with one walk on the treadmill. This week, I (along with everyone else who has made resolutions) am heading back to the gym (it is always so crowded, these first few weeks in January, isnt' it?). So, my goal for this week is to get to Zumba on Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday, if my work schedule allows. If I can fit in another workout on Wednesday, that would be great. In the meantime, I also plan on doing some strength-training at home on the off days (Sunday, Monday, Wednesday).

I also got myself some new sneakers to get motivated (new work-out clothes always does that for me).

Kohls cash put to good use!

(The purchase of new sneakers comes a fortuitous time, as I am also needing to choose a football favorite for the playoffs. Incidentally, my sneakers are the same colors as the Seattle Seahawks, which I have always admired {the colors, I mean}; very conveniently, these sneakers may have just sealed the deal for my pick.)

Spiritual Health: Since we can set our own goals in this challenge, I'm adding 'spiritual health' to my list, too. If I don't have this one - or am not moving towards this- the rest doesn't really matter too much. If you have been following my blog, you know about my spiritual struggles, post-miscarriage.

Yup, still struggling, but I am working my way through (whatever that means). I already started my quiet times again. I had been doing online Bible studies through the fall, but I found that format just didn't work well for me...felt like I was doing it more for the group than to be close to God. So, now, it's back to me and God. My goal this week is to keep up my consistent devo time.

My other goal towards spiritual health is to find and buy a chronological study Bible. One of my resolutions this year is to read through the Old Testament chronologically. Therefore, I need to get on the ball about find a good study Bible help me take this on. Interesting, another blog friend, My Living Canvas, is taking on the same challenge and had some great resources to recommend.

My last post had lots of other goals listed, but I don't know if I would call them "health-related," so I won't mention them here. But fear you not, I am working on a game plan for those as well.

That being said, I have been sitting on the couch for hours today with my laptop and have probably burned a sum-total of about 4 calories, which is really doing nothing toward my goals of healthiness. So, I am getting myself up off the couch and going to put some make-up on before my husband gets home, so he thinks I actually did something today.

And then, I am going to make myself another round of my lemonade drink...my yummy, delicious lemonade drink...so yummy....which really is so much better than the tortellini alfredo in the fridge or the chocolate brownies in the freezer...

(Maybe 'Overcoming Denial' should be my next goal.)

[Frown. I miss food.]

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