I MADE it my first 5K walk EVER! :O)

4 years ago
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Week 6 Monday 5-19-14 Day 35 5K

Seriously, I am in aw that I have made it this far. Week 6 and this Sunday I will be doing a 5K walk with my friend Gail. I asked her to go with and she is going to go and use her totally awesome cool FitBit and track our miles. The 5K is a big 3.2 miles. Tonight is another session on the cupping for my upper leg area. I am hoping this takes out all the knots I have and gets my quads in shape to walk that far, and also the bottom of my left foot. Don't let this cupping freak you out. It looks weird, but it works. I have BOOBs on my leg, and my toe is crooked. That is because I wore shoes that were too small for me when I was younger, or maybe I was just born with strange toes!

cupping my leg cupping my leg

Getting this far makes me believe that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and Mr. Freakingfibromyalgia will not be the winner this time. I will be. Once you get to this point in your exercise, you must never go back to your bad habits and get sucked into the lazy hole of not exercising. It must become your new lifestyle and trust me it doesn't have too be a boot camp kick A&$ workout that kills you. (some people love that kind of a workout-some people don’t) And, I just happen too be the person that hates those workouts. I would end up in the hospital on a morphine drip.  Seriously, how long you can do that stuff. I have watched the same people over and over sign up for these bust A*& workouts with trainers, lose a few pounds, about kill themselves and end up going back to their bad habits, and gain all of their weight back. Now, walking and maybe a little jogging well you can do that until you’re old.. I saw an 80 plus year old man jogging the other day. Now, he wasn't running like a gazelle, but he was MOVING.. Now, that being said I believe that my program will help you get moving, lose weight and find YOUR balance; this my friends is a LIFE change not a DIET, and it's not a boot camp insane workout. So, stay tuned for my portion control plan for eating and all that my program will be too help you reach your goals of balance in your life. Coming to the blog soon. I have too keep it a secret for a bit. I'm working on this! :)

Week 6 Tuesday 5-20-14 Day 36 5K

I think I ate too late last night because I felt like a slug. So, today I did my HUGE 10 minutes Pilates workout. Notice how it says, "for beginners" that's because I have to go slow with my exercise, or my body will freak the *&^%^ out.

Pilates Pilates

Note to self: Don’t eat that late DUMMY.. :)

Week 6 Wednesday 5-21-14 Day 37 5K

30 minutes on the ole TM… I am on my way too finally getting over the hump and breaking through my pain of Mr. Freakingfibromyalgia, and I will have an exercise program that works for me. However, this hasn't been an easy journey. Today I went to my Chiropractor Kristina Coppock at Active Life Chiropractic and she saved me. My feet were getting planter feet. (I will blog about Plantar Fasciitis later) This stuff is wicked! Thank GOD for Kristina and her skills to massage and too tape these babies up. What a difference this has made. I am having high hopes that through my cupping sessions with Jeannien Lopez at Evolve Massage & Wellness and my chiropractic care I will make my goal of running/walking in my first 5K. Today I am feeling better than I have in over 2 years. I think I am on to something that is working for me. IRON WOMAN here I come… Kidding.. hahahaha

Planter Feet

Week 6 Thursday 5-22-14 Day 38 5K

I did a nice Yoga workout and my feet feel great. Thanks for the tapping Kristina! :O)YOGA

Week 5 Friday 5-23-14 Day 39 5K

Today was just 20 minutes on the ole TM. I have too tell you, it was pretty darn easy. It goes by really fast with an ipod and my favorite music.

Week 6 Saturday 5-24-14 Day 40 5K

Today is my rest day. I won’t be resting tho. I have lots of work around the house too keep me busy. Tomorrow is my first 5K walk with my friend Gail. I am telling you, if I can do this you can do this, too. Slowly but surely and there is a light at the end of the tunnel with Mr. Freakingfibromyalgia. He can kiss my BUTT. hahahaha

Week 6 Sunday is the big day 5-25-14 Day 41 5K

I DID IT.. Well, WE did it.. Thanks Gail for doing this with me. Now, tomorrow I start my walk/run program and then off to a real 5K race somewhere. It's a fuzzy selfie because my new phone is super fun!

Gail & Susie 5K Queens Gail & Susie 5K Queens

Gail and I went to the Greenway and did the 5K. We had a fun adventure, we found someone's shorts that they lost, so I am thinking there is a naked man running the Greenway on the loose. Be on the lookout. Seriously, if you walk alone be careful. Always have your guard up and your Kung FU moves to kick butt if you have, too!


There was a ghost trying to out run us...

The Ghost The Ghost

I found a dollar and when I find money I always say it's from Mom and Dad (they have passed away)


I bought myself some super cool compression socks,


and I also bought some Hydrofeet.


These things felt great. Found them on Amazon. Just in case you need a pair.

How did I do? I did pretty good, but tonight I noticed my legs are acting up. They get kind of jumpy. I also can tell that my heart and lungs have a ways to go before they are stronger. Until next week have a great day and be safe!