I have been told I have PCOS

4 years ago

I was told earlier this summer that I have what is called PCOS. Some of you might be wondering what is that.  It stands for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).  A lot of women have this syndrome and don't even know it. It is a syndrome that goes undiagnosed for years and years until one day the doctor tells you yes you have it. 

For many of years I always wondered what is wrong with me.  I started gaining weight, hair started to grow on my chin and my body just started feeling sluggish. I went to several doctors and told them about my symptoms.  They all told me the same thing you need to lose weight and then you will feel better.

One day I got on the internet and just started googling womens health and this is when I came across the PCOS on a medical page on the internet.  So, I went back to my doctor and she told me I needed to start birth control pills to make sure that my hormone levels were up.  That is weird why did I need to do that when I have a tubal ligation.  So, after about 2 years of getting the run around I went to a specialist a fertility clinic. 

The doctor that I am seeing there found out that my thyroid is out of wack and I do have PCOS.  She started me on metformin and a compound T3 mediciation for my thyroid.  I have been taking this mediciation for about a month now.  I feel a lot better kind of like back to my old self again.  Don't get me wrong the medicine does have side effects. If you don't take it right on time you start to feel sluggish but, I have learned to watch what I eat and take my medication on time now.  Since doing this, I feel like I have lost about 5 pounds or so. 

If any of you women want to talk about PCOS let me know. I can help you. It is important for women to understand their health. 

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