Hystero what?

4 years ago


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I cannot even begin to pronounce the word for the procedure I am scheduled to have done on Monday. It's called a hysterosalpingogram.

Since our we did not get pregnant from this cycle on clomid, they are wanting me to do this test to make sure my tubes aren't being blocked. Basically from what I understand, they run dye through the tubes to find out whether or not there is blockage.

Oh, fun! That sounds like a day at the spa! No wait, it's better----NOT! Fortunately

I should have known better than to look on the internet about this test. Some women said it was like a walk in the park and others made it out like it was the worst thing ever. Therefore, major inconclusiveness.

So, what did I do you might ask? I consulted Twitter and my Lilly group. They both made me feel a lot better. A few said it was like major cramping (like I said, fun!) and others said it was very very painful. So, at least now, I know it's gonna hurt anyway. However, the girls helped a lot. Now, I know to take some Aleve an hour before I go. And the doctor said I can take pain meds afterwards if it hurts that badly. So, I'm coming prepared.

I'm trying not to worry about my tubes being blocked. It's hard not to worry because TN isn't an infertility friendly state. Luckily, the hospital said that my insurance does have some infertility coverage like testing and such, but not treatments (i.e. IVF, IUI, etc.)

I'm nervous. I'm trying to enjoy my weekend and not think about it. Not to mention, I'm on clomid again which doesn't help calm my nerves. ha!

Hope you all had a safe and happy 4th:)

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