How Social Media Has Destroyed Us

3 years ago





I don't know why it always seems to amaze me, the nerve that some people have! I cannot believe how rude and down right disrespectful people can be. Rather it be strangers in the grocery store, acquaintances that you may work with on a daily basis or even your closest friends and family members. It seems that each day the human race gets a little more disgraceful.


Personally I am not a people person by any means. I hate being in large crowds of people, and experience anxiety when I am with a group of people I do not know well. I do however enjoy being around a small group of people I know and like to have a good time. But it seems these days that is hard to come by as well. 


From my experiences over the past few months it seems like people are more focused on fulfilling their own agenda's. Rather that be trying to make someone in the group look like an idiot so that they can shine, to just down right ignoring phone calls and text from ones supposed 'best friend.'


As the years go one people over all disappoint me more and more. What happened to the good old days when people would pick up the phone and call their best friend or sister and talk for hours about life and just check in on how things are going. That NEVER happens anymore. The last good phone conversation I had... shit I cant even remember!


We have all gotten so tied up in the 'social media' craze and keeping in touch via texting and Facebook. But what fulfillment does this actually bring to anyone? 


Yes, I have been guilty of this same thing for the past umpteen years, stuck in the new age world where electronics have taken over everything. But looking back on how often I actually talk to these 'friends' I have on Social Media, not to mention when the last time I saw them, it dawned on me these people are not my 'friends' in the true sense of the word. 98% of them would not be impacted in anyway if I were disappear tomorrow, and honestly that breaks my heart a little, and angers me ALOT!


How did we let this get this way, what happened with the real connections we use to have with others decades ago. This is what the world needs, is for people to actually talk to each other, face to face, voice to voice, actually hear what the other is saying. Not read it in some text format for it to be interpreted in anyway. 


I hope that people in the world can get back to having those true connections and the ability to really communicate and 'befriend' each other in away that the human race needs, in away that is fulfilling for our minds, hearts and souls. 




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